Why embedded developers are switching to ARM architecture

The embedded system industry is going through a rapid change in the current times. The automation world has been witnessing pioneering technologies, resulting in new-age devices which are smarter, efficient and faster. This has been enabled by powerful and innovative microcontrollers, which are high in application and deliver an extra special performance.

From customary architecture to modern processor architectures

The traditional architecture of PCB designs, integrated structures, component packages, clock speed, memory and so, have been unequivocally changed, developing into smarter devices and applications which are redefining the face of the automation platform developed using microcontrollers.

The traditionally used 8-bit microcontrollers are no longer the dice of the game. These have been replaced by more powerful and efficient architecture of ARM controller family, like the ARM7 microcontroller.


Where does ARM microcontrollers are used?

Talk of any gadget and device, from cars to laptops, smart phones, TVs, cameras and more, the advancement we have been seeing in these equipment’s application is possible only because of the ARM microcontroller family. Such is the efficient mechanism of ARM that it has been used in developing space related application too.

What makes ARM microcontrollers the future in embedded system designs?

  • ARM microcontrollers have advanced 32-bit architecture, which makes them highly robust in architecture with high computing power.
  • The market and consumers are in demand of complex embedded products, which could be sufficed only by powerful 32-bit architectures facilitating high performance and better connectivity with enhanced processing capability.
  • 32-bit ARM microcontrollers have faster software development time, smaller program size and utilize less power, along with efficient software reusability.
  • Devices developed with ARM microcontrollers have much wider choice, pertaining to peripherals, packages, memory and performance.
  • ARM also enables a higher number of processor features, useful for developing a wider range of applications.
  • Along with the above stated advantages, ARM microcontrollers are also cheap in cost. Developers even have the advantage of free development tools.

With such benefits of high-performance, enhanced application development and cost-effectiveness, ARM microcontrollers have become the most significant architecture for embedded developers. Thus proficient and skillful embedded developers having gained high-end knowledge of ARM microcontroller with certified embedded system courses are high in demand in the industry.


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