Why Integrated Technology is Critical For Effective Supply Chain Management

Supply chains and distribution channels are an important aspect in today’s business environment, which are increasingly become complex and hardened to keep pace with rapid globalization and customer-centric approach.

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Challenges faced by supply chain management

  • The global business environment is increasing greatly and it has put enormous pressure on the organizations to operate new distribution and supply channels in abundance, extending across international and geographical boundaries to meet the growing demands.
  • Customers demand high level of service with faster turnaround and lower prices, along with greater choice & product customization which has put high onus on service providers to stay afloat in the intense global competition.
  • Regulatory agencies and customers also demand high compliance, from radio frequency identification to material traceability, which businesses have to cater proficiently factoring in inventory management.

Solution – Integrated business management

For increased customer satisfaction and profitability, it is inevitable for businesses to implement effective management of extended supply chains to remain afloat in the domain. Having an integrated business management solution is essential for increased visibility and connecting information from across the business’s supply chain. Having right technology can go to extreme length to solve the concurrent issues, by:

  • Streamlining the process, enhancing communication and collaboration, and reducing the costs.
  • Gaining insights for strategic business decisions and improving the swiftness for effectual responsive operation to changing dynamics.
  • Optimizing the entire supply chain management, thereby enhancing the efficient connection between processes, people and information across the divisions, trade partners and locations.
  • Improving the visibility pertaining to goods movement, order processing and traceability.
  • Integrating all the supply chain aspects like manufacturing, order, customer, warehouse, and monetary statistics.
  • Increasing accurate information process by removing redundant data entry for easy transmission of product design specification & order status information.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Supply Chain Management – Value-added supply chain management

Amongst all the available supply chain management solutions, the most renowned and effectual integrated business management solution is Microsoft Dynamics AX. Used by businesses all across the globe, Microsoft Dynamics AX Supply Chain Management offers utmost benefits to clients:

  • Improved operations and visibility
  • Fully optimized supply chain management process
  • Direct reduction in staffing costs
  • Lower spending on IT
  • Controlled and streamlined inventory
  • Improved customer service

Incorporating Microsoft Dynamics AX can help supply chain businesses stay focused and efficient in accordance to customer’s and trade partners’ demands. They need to implement MS Dynamics training for their supply chain professionals to leverage full benefits of this powerful tool. Having knowledgeable professionals with Supply Chain Foundation in Microsoft dynamics ax 2012 training certification will help businesses implement the best practices in the trade, allowing for effective business operation at reduced costs.


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