Why piping engineering has become so vital in engineering and construction industry

If there is one engineering science that has been growing in good stead in the recent years, it is piping engineering. Piping system is central in different process plants, and so are the engineers who help to design and create these piping systems.


Piping engineering process

In accordance with requirement of highly efficient fluid transportation, like water, in a plant for enabling different components to function effectively, the piping system needs to be designed with high precision. Thus, a piping engineer process through a systematic analysis of methods, which correspond to maintaining the highest standard of fluid transportation in a plant.

Functional role of a piping engineer

  • The primary responsibility of a piping engineer is to create blue-print about how a piping system needs to work. The piping engineer decides what materials and specialty piping components are required for creating the system for efficient functioning, confirming the dimensions of different parts of the system are in agreement. The piping engineer ensures that the piping system installation is in accordance with the engineered drawing.
  • Piping engineer goes through a large quantity of analysis to ensure that from engineering drawing to selecting the components, up to the installation, everything is in accordance to the laid out plan. He or she studies piping support systems, as well as complete pulsation analysis of piping systems.
  • The engineer is also responsible for carrying out comprehensive thermal analysis of the system, to determine how flexible the pipe is.
  • The engineer also assesses how changes in temperature, seismic activity and gravity is going to affect the pipes, by undertaking a thorough stress analysis.
  • He or she makes sure that the project is completed within stipulated budget and on time, whilst monitoring the costing of the entire engineering projects, along with leading a team of other engineers and designers.

Demand for piping engineers

With growth in the construction industry and different engineering units for the past few years, there is a high demand for proficient piping engineers, who can develop and maintain efficient network of fluid haulage in a plant.

What skills a piping engineer should possess?

The piping engineers need to have strong drafting and analytical skills, along with solid communication needed for construction specifications and drafting fabrication. They should have management handiness for administering other designers and engineers, and to ensure that the planned piping systems are built as per requirement.

Although there are not many university programs available for interesting candidates, there are quality institutions which offer piping engineering course, which help develop proficient skills and knowledge.


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