Why Robust & Extensive CRM Software is Essential For Business Growth

Why businesses need CRM software?

Originally intended for large businesses for maintaining their customer relations, CRM now is a comprehensive tool to manage and organize sales, accounting, marketing, vendor and all other operational data applications, for all-size businesses.

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  1. Sales Quote & Forecast

CRM helps to create and store sales quotes for customers, individual as well as groups. It also helps to project short and long-term sales forecasts easily, without any need for gathering large chunks of data.

  1. Generating Leads

CRM is an efficient tool for finding new customers from various sources like social media, feeds, and more.

  1. E-mail Marketing

A key factor in digital marketing, e-mail marketing can be effectively managed with the help of robust and quality CRM software. It also fosters the prospects with automatic and preset emails and tasks, handling the process up to closing of the sale.

  1. Track Order

Tracking customer order is easy with fully integrated CRM software.

  1. Track Competitors

CRM software also helps the business to stay afloat in the competition by tracking activities and strategies of competitors, through their digital activities and other source of information.

What are the features of a quality CRM?

A comprehensive, extensive and robust quality CRM is necessary to meet the sales objective and business growth. Whether a licensed version or hosted version, below mention features are must:

  • Robust & Comprehensive Dashboard

A dashboard should be such, so as to provide a comprehensive summary view of sales opportunities.

  • API

Quality Application Programming Interface is must o link to other systems, alleviating the need for entering information multiple times.

  • Compounded Contact Information

CRM should provide access to a customer’s details through his/her name as well as a country, to view comprehensive interactions.

Career Prospects with CRM

With growing competition and increased attention towards scalable sale and marketing, each and every business needs a robust and specialized CRM, like Oracle’s PeopleSoft. This provides ample opportunities for sales and marketing professionals in the domain.

To enter this field, a comprehensive training in a specific CRM, like PeopleSoft CRM training, or comprehensive Oracle certification training is must.


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