Why to Enroll for CATIA Training?

Why to Enroll for CATIA Training?

Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application (CATIA) skills are in big demand in the recent years. The aspirants looking for career in mechanical designing and the working professionals seeking growth are the ideal participants for CATIA training. This training fills the gap between the industrial requirements and engineering syllabus.


CATIA, from Dassualt Systemes, is a 3D Product Lifecycle Management software suite. It is all in one package that includes conceptualization, designing (CAD), engineering (CAE), and manufacturing (CAM). A wide range of industries from consumer goods to ship building, aerospace to defense, life sciences to plant design automotive, use CATIA software.

CATIA Training Offerings

Deep understanding of mechanical theory and practices along with hands-on exposure builds the learners confidence. CATIA training from a reputed institute can make you competitive by becoming proficient in the following

  • Create and save different types of CATIA documents.
  • Draw different types of sketches using sketcher workbench.
  • Create sketch based features and project 3D elements
  • Apply constraints to the sketches
  • Use advance modeling tools and transform features
  • Work with the wireframe and surface design workbench
  • Edit and modify surfaces
  • Execute tasks concerning geometry selection and 3D Navigation
  • Differentiate, create, and edit types of assembly design approaches
  • Work on subassemblies
  • Generate drawing views using drafting workbench
  • Working with sheet metal components
  • Design a mechanism using Digital MockUp  (DMU)  kinematics
  • Convert assembly constraints into joints

Get laced with the designing skills that are preferred by employers across the companies worldwide. CATIA Training can make you an asset for an organization.

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