Why to use Android Debug Bridge?

Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is made for developers. Fundamentals of using this command line tool is covered in an Android training. Using ADB, developers issue commands to device emulators via USB. The commands can also be given to Android phones and tablets. Primarily meant for developers, the Bridge can also achieve regular consumer activities. One example is side-loading applications unavailable on Google Play Store. Another example is recording the screen movements on an Android phone and so on.


Things that can achieved with ADB

Amongst the many things that can be achieved, the following are some of them.

  • Rooting

To gain root access to an Android phone or tablet, this tool plays a pivotal role. Proper installation of ADB is essential to perform this activity. After gaining root access, there are several commands available for customizations of the Android device.

  • Transferring files

adbpush and adbpull are the commands to transfer data from PC to Android device. This activity is helpful when working with rooted devices, although the same can be achieved using OS features and device management apps. A 6 months industrial training in Android helps participants learn many more such tools along the way.

  • Side-load apps

Sometimes an app many be unavailable on Google’s Play Store. It could have been removed. But with the ADB tool, a previously deleted app can be made available and re-installed. The adb install command is used for this activity. When invoked, this command installs an APK file on the device. But even for this APK file to install, the settings is configured to enable installation of apps from unknown sources.

The process of setting up ADB is simple. As for everything connected with Android development, installing the Android SDK is the initial activity. Once the root of an Android device is accessed, there are versatile options to customize the phone’s front-end and back-end capabilities. To make things simple, learn all these skills at an Android training.

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