Why Web Administrators Need To Switch To Microsoft IIS7 Web Server Application

The web pages of the past have now evolved as web applications, which need broader approach and high-end technical infrastructure background to behold. The new-age servers create pages rather acting as mere intermediary, thus performing sophisticated server-side processing and thus needs to be handled proficiently and with advanced, futuristic technology incorporation.




Microsoft IIS7 – A new-age, fully evolved web server application


The windows maker, creator of definitive and advanced web platforms & applications, Microsoft has been involved in web server domain since the beginning. Its latest offering, Microsoft IIS7 has been a huge success since its launch, and has made its way into several of the Fortune 100 companies’ IT infrastructure, as being a vibrant, highly compatible and futuristic server solution.

It’s not for nothing that administrators, who are still running on the yesterday’s technology needs to switch to this defining and progressive solution for high-performance benefits. Let us discuss some of IIS7’s extensive benefits from its earlier version and other competitors in the field:

Benefit of IIS7 over IIS6:

  • IIS7 is more modular in nature, than IIS6, and is highly flexible, as the administrator can add only those applications, which are needed.
  • It provides high-end improvement in portability, ease of access and fine tuning, allowing use of XML based web.config file.
  • The remote management capacity is also highly improved, and is a welcome change for VPN users.

Benefit of IIS7 over other web servers

  • IIS7 has done great improvement in the running of PHP scripts, becoming more stable, refreshing, reliable and faster, which has led to more and more sites choose windows for hosting their PHP applications.
  • IIS7 is the most advanced network to make good use of .NET platform, improving its usability performance pertaining to MVC framework.
  • Advanced error tracking and enriched diagnostic competency, are two of the features which has helped in making IIS7 a state-of-the-art web server platform for present and future.

Web server professionals or students, who want to maximize their capabilities and build a prolific career in the web server administration, should look forward to incorporating highly potential and futuristic Microsoft IIS7 platform, enhancing their knowledge and skills through quality Microsoft IIS7 training.

A web server professional has no limited or defined path in this domain and with proficient Team foundation server course, can equip and update himself with high-end knowledge to develop a rewarding profession in the most used and prospective web server application.


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