Why You Should Move From Manual Testing To Automation Testing

Automated testing means a series of software programs and tools, which are capable of executing software program tests. These tests report end-results and validate test outcomes against specified test conditions. Automated tests are processed through test automation framework and can be run repeatedly any time.


Why organizations need to incorporate automation testing tools in place of manual testing?

In the current scenario, tiresome and time consuming manual tests have been replaced by systematic automated testing programs. Initially, automated testing requires increased efforts and but the long-term benefits makes it a must-have process for quality and efficiency. The points described below supports this fact:

  • Automated tools provide fast, efficient and frequent test cases in accordance to the ever-changing software system environment, tallying with the existing automation for an effective software development.
  • Automated tests are perfectly suitable to cases where there are repetitive tests, along with persistent regression testing restatements.
  • Automated test tools provide proficient and fast results when there are large sets of BVT cases.
  • Automated tools work competently when there is a need for simulating large number of users.
  • The primary requisite of software testing is timely delivery, which can be attained efficiently with automated tools, as it process reused modules pertaining to different tests.
  • In comparison to the manual testing, where repetitive testing makes the process time-consuming and arduous, automated testing enables ample test coverage, with data-driven testing, and testing on different platforms.
  • Automated tests allow execution of tests repeatedly and accurately, without user interaction, providing testers efficient and competent functionality.

Testing Tools

Amongst various tools in the market today, the most preferable and commonly used automation tool in organizations is QTP (Quick Test Professional) from HP, which is now referred to as UFT (Unified Functional Testing). This tool has been one of the oldest and proficient testing tools and provides high-end testing functionality to testers.

If you are looking to work in the software testing domain, and want to work on a quality platform, then QTP will be most suitable for you, as it offers immense capability and career growth. A quality QTP training will enhance your knowledge and skills and will provide you with advanced skills to perform skilled testing.


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