Why you Should Pursue Industrial Training in iOS?

Rahul and Sahil were both final year B.Tech students, and had to undergo an industrial training in their area of interest. Rahul decided to go for the job-oriented industrial training in iOS. While, Sahil was of the opinion that he would take the help of his seniors and submit the report without some hands on experience.

iPhone development training

Why do you think Rahul opted for industrial training in iOS?

He considered the fact that mobile application development has great potential in the near future. When he looked at the statistical study as per Forbes, he found that although, Android had an edge over iOS in terms of usage with 44.62% against 44.19%, but still the online ratio of iOS users in active mode was comparatively higher. This in turn will lead to a higher revenue generation for the users of the mobile..

Also, thinking about the career prospects, Rahul researched that huge download of apps takes place from the Apple store. This reflects the idea of coming up with new iPhone applications along with a need of updating the existing ones. Therefore, majority of the companies are in the need of the skilled iOS developers, leading to amazing job opportunities.

Last but not the least; Rahul was amazed by the features provided by Apple in terms of apps touching every aspect of our lives in one or the other way. One of the examples is the medical research tool which is equipped with sensors to keep a check on one’s movement, get the measurements and store the data. This helps with complete medical analysis of an individual.

What made Rahul distinct by opting for Industrial training in iOS?

Industrial training made Rahul distinct with more practical knowledge and experience in comparison to only the theoretical knowledge. This aligned his skills as per the industry trends.

Along with this he was acquainted with knowledge of the following modules in detail:

  • Getting started with the iPhone SDK
  • Touch events and geometry
  • Address Book Frameworks
  • Media Player Framework
  • Performance Tracking.

What do you think happened with the two of them in terms of their career?

Rahul became more industry oriented in comparison to Sahil. He had a better job with a good salary package. Also, with the bright future of mobile application development he had excellent career prospects.

So, plan taking your career to a height by making a choice of industrial training in iOS.


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