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Foundation Course in Business Analysis program is designed by Multisoft Systems and endorsed by the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®).

It is an essential course for the beginners focusing on the elementary knowledge of defining the requirements, planning and monitoring the projects, managing documentation and communication, modeling, and validating project scope. The budding business analysts will understand their roles and responsibilities in the domain of business analysis. This Business Analysis Foundation course covers the entire business analysis process followed throughout a project supporting the solution development life cycle.

Unified Modelling Language (UML), MS-Visio, and Balsamiq, the candidates will practice to strengthen the concepts learned during the training sessions.

Attending Foundation Course in Business Analysis training, the participants will earn 28 Continuing Development Units (CDUs).

By the end of this training, you will be proficient in the following:

  • Understand the scope of Business Analysis and role of Business Analyst
  • Define the significance and methodologies used in the Software Development Lifecycle
  • Describe the role of the Business Analyst in Waterfall Vs Agile
  • Define the knowledge areas as per the BABOK®  guide
  • Focus on enterprise analysis
  • Plan and conduct Business Analysis activities
  • Prepare, conduct, document elicitation activities and results
  • Work on requirement analysis, management, and communication
  • Use MS-Visio and Balsamiq  for mockup creation
  • Practice UML and software testing concepts
Target audience

The candidates who are new to the business analyst role or work in coordination with business analysts or supervise them can be best benefited by this training program.


There are no formal prerequisites for this training; however candidates with a strong interest in the business analysis domain are ideal for this program.

Introduction to BA Training Program

  • Participants and Trainer Introduction
  • Agenda for the training program

Introduction to Business Analysis

  • Introduction to Business Analysis
    • What is Business Analysis?
    • BA Roles and Responsibilities
  • Overview of Competencies Needed for Business Analysis
    • Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving
    • Communication and Interaction Skills
    • Business Knowledge and Software Applications
    • Behavioral Characteristics

Introduction to Software Development Life Cycle

  • Understanding of Software Development Lifecycle
  • Various Software Development Methodologies
  • Role of Business Analyst in Waterfall Vs Agile

International Institute of Business Analysis

  • Introduction to IIBA Certification Programs
  • Introduction to BABOK Guide – 6 knowledge areas        

Enterprise Analysis

  • Overview of Enterprise Analysis
    • Define Business Need
    • Assess Capability Gaps
    • Determine Solution Approach
    • Define Solution Scope
    • Define Business Case
  • Exercise: Creating a Business Case

Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring

  • Overview of Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
    • Plan Business Analysis Approach
    • Conduct Stakeholder Analysis
    • Plan Business Analysis Activities
    • Plan Business Analysis Communications
    • Plan Requirement Management Process
    • Manage BA Performance
  • Exercise: Creating a Business Analysis Plan


  • Overview of Requirement Elicitation
    • Prepare for Elicitation
    • Conduct Elicitation Activity
    • Document Elicitation Results
    • Confirm Elicitation Results
  • Exercise: Conducting Requirement Elicitation

Requirements Analysis

  • Overview of Requirement Analysis
    • Prioritize Requirements
    • Organize Requirements
    • Specify and Model Requirements
    • Define Assumptions and Constraints
    • Verify Requirements
    • Validate Requirements
  • Exercise: Creating a Requirement Specification Document

Requirement Management And Communication

  • Overview of Requirement Management and Communication
    • Manage Solution Scope and Requirements
    • Manage Requirement Traceability
    • Maintain requirements for re-use
    • Prepare Requirements Package
    • Communicate Requirements
  • Demo of Requirements Management Tools

Solution Assessment and Validation

  • Overview of Solution Assessment and Validation
    • Assess Proposed Solution
    • Allocate Requirements
    • Assess Organizational Readiness
    • Define Transition Requirements
    • Validate Solution
    • Evaluate Solution Performance
  • Exercise on Solution Assessment: Change Management

Requirement templates and mockup creation tools

  • Requirements and their templates
  • Mockup creation using Balsamiq
  • Mockup creation using MS Visio

Introduction to Requirement Modeling

  • Overview of various techniques for Modeling Requirements
    • Unified Modeling Language
    • User Stories
    • Prototyping
    • Workflow
  • Capturing business requirement using User Stories
  • Writing a good user story

Object Oriented Analysis Using UML

  • Object Oriented Concept and BA Perspective
  • Use Case and Scenarios
  • Business Requirement Document

Software Testing

  • Software Testing Concepts
  • Designing test cases and completing the project

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