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Learn how to use AutoCAD-based editing tools for creating, editing, and validating piping and instrumentation design information! Multisoft Systems has come forward to deliver practical hands-on training on AutoCAD P&ID Essential. Here you will find a team of AutoCAD experts who are using real-life examples in delivering the industry-based modules. Our trainers will explain the basic functions of the program.

Throughout this highly demanded course, you will discover how to leverage this AutoCAD-based editing tool to create a project-based piping and instrumentation diagram. You will be efficient in locating the P&ID projects, using the project manager function to create a new drawing, and building new drawings by adding equipment, pipelines, valves, and instrumentation. At Multisoft Systems, you can expect updated course contents, module-wise assessments, and lifetime e-learning access.

In its successful completion, you will learn:
  • How to use the Data Manager to manage the project database?
  • What is AutoCAD P&ID Essential?
  • What are the basic functions of AutoCAD P&ID Essential?
  • How to leverage AutoCAD P&ID Essential to create project-based piping diagrams?
  • How to leverage AutoCAD P&ID Essential to create instrumentation diagrams?
  • How to use AutoCAD P&ID Essential to make drawings by adding equipment and valves?
  • How to locate P&ID projects?
Target audience
  • The professionals who are handling the AutoCAD® P&ID project
  • The professionals who are carrying basic knowledge of AutoCAD® P&ID projects
  • The professionals who wish to opt for the AutoCAD P&ID Essential Training should carry knowledge about the AutoCAD® P&ID project. They are supposed to carry Intermediate or Advanced AutoCAD User or CAD management experience.
  • Multisoft Systems will provide you with a training completion certificate after completing the AutoCAD P&ID Essential Training.

Module 1: Introduction 

  • What you should know
  • How to use the exercise files

Module 2: Getting Started 

  • Locating and opening your P&ID project
  • Opening a P&ID drawing file
  • Setting up the P&ID workspace
  • Understanding the P&ID ribbon menu
  • Understanding the P&ID tool palette
  • Understanding Project Manager
  • Using the AutoCAD Properties dialog box
  • Using on-screen tools

Module 3: Working with P&ID Drawing Files 

  • Creating a new P&ID drawing file
  • Importing an existing P&ID file to the project
  • Renaming drawing files
  • Locating missing drawing files
  • Updating drawing information using the Drawing Properties dialog box

Module 4: Equipment 

  • Inserting equipment and assigning tag information
  • Copying equipment
  • Adding annotation to your equipment
  • Modifying existing P&ID blocks
  • Understanding equipment tags and equipment InfoTags
  • Understanding parent/child equipment tags
  • Adding nozzles to your equipment drawing files

Module 5: Piping 

  • Creating pipe lines and assigning tag lines
  • Attaching and disconnecting pipe lines to a component
  • Understanding the difference between line groups and line segments
  • Adding and removing a pipeline to a line group
  • Adding line segments to an existing pipeline
  • Creating and removing a pipeline gap
  • Reversing the flow of a pipeline
  • Adding and removing corners to a pipeline
  • Connecting and disconnecting pipe lines
  • Changing your P&ID layout

Module 6: Valves and Inline Components 

  • Inserting a valve on a pipeline
  • Assigning tag information to your valve
  • Substituting valve body types
  • Moving a valve to a different pipeline
  • Copying a valve
  • Placing reducers on your pipeline
  • Placing spec breaks or other segment breakers on your pipeline

Module 7: Instrumentation 

  • Adding instrumentation to your P&ID
  • Placing control valves

Module 8: Creating Custom P&ID Symbols 

  • Understanding P&ID classes
  • Creating a one-off P&ID symbol

Module 9: Off-page Connectors 

  • Adding and removing off page connectors
  • Creating connections between off page connectors
  • Understanding connection properties

Module 10: Understanding Tagging 

  • Understanding tagging concepts
  • Finding existing tags
  • Linking multiple symbols to a single tag

Module 11: Understanding Annotation 

  • Understanding the relationship between tag data and annotation
  • Creating multiple annotations on a single component

Module 12: Data Manager 

  • Data Manager overview
  • Modifying tag data using Data Manager
  • Using Data Manager filters
  • Locating components in a P&ID drawing using Data Manager
  • Importing and exporting data to Excel
  • Generating a valve report from Data Manager reports

Module 13: Project Tools 

  • Data Validation tool
  • Auditing and compressing
  • Exporting to AutoCAD

Module 14: Report Creator

  • Report Creator overview

Module 15: Conclusion 

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