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AVEVA E3D–the most powerful and popular 3D plant design solution–is designed with the integration of PDMS, AutoCAD, and SP3D features into a single module. It is blessed with a clash-free and multi-discipline design interface which helps the organizations in reducing the design cost by minimizing rework and maximizing design efficiency.

E3D is a piping design software that integrated the good features of PDMS, AutoCAD, and SP3D into a single module. So, obviously, this is a next-generation software solution. AVEVA has developed this software solution with a multi-discipline design interface to give a powerful 3-Dimensional design solution experience and the best project execution capabilities. Plus, it is very easy to adopt. Multisoft Systems, a 20-year-old Training, Certification & Consultancy Organization, is a big name in the world of AVEVA E3D Piping Training.

Go for this course if you want to get in-depth knowledge on Pipe Splitting, Slope pipe routing, Quick Pipe Routing, Pipe Routing Handle, Isometric Plots Generation, Starting the Pipework Application, Insertion of Reducers at Bore Changes, or Creating a Simple Pipework Sequence!

AVEVA E3D Piping Course Objectives:
  • How to add components to a route
  • How to create quick pipe routing and a simple pipework sequence?
  • How to create standard equipment and equipment hierarchy?
  • How to start a pipework application?
  • How to run, create, and modify reports?
  • How to configure default specifications and create a simple pipework
  • sequence?
  • How to generate isometric plots?
AVEVA E3D Piping Online Training
  • 32 Hrs. Instructor-led Online Training
  • Recorded Videos After Training
  • Digital Learning Material
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Lifetime e-Learning Access
  • 24x7 After Training Support
Target audience
  • ITI professionals
  • Engineering Graduates
AVEVA E3D Piping Course Prerequisites
  • To pursue this AVEVA E3D Piping Training, you need to carry the knowledgef Microsoft Windows and Office environment.
AVEVA E3D Piping Course Certification
  • Multisoft Systems will provide you with a training completion certificate after completing the AVEVA E3D Piping Training.

Module 1: COMMON E3D

  • Hierarchy
  • Copy, Past, Copy offset, Copy Rotate, Copy Mirror
  • Move, position, offset, advanced move
  • Rotate, advanced Rotate, Orientate
  • Undo, Redo, solid, wireframe, painter
  • Renames, Properties, Attributes, Measure
  • Comment Window, collections
  • Clip options
  • Graphics settings, Auto-colour, Monochrome
  • Add, Remove, delete options
  • Import, Export
  • Hierarchy include, Reverse and Reorder
  • DB listing and import


  • Starting the Equipment Application
  • Create Equipment Hierarchy
  • Create Primitives/ Negative Primitives
  • Create Standard Equipment
  • Create Nozzle
  • Orientate Primitives
  • Connect Primitives and Explicit
  • Equipment Point At Explicit, Equipment Point At General, Through,
  • Clearance and Towards
  • Equipment Specification
  • Stretch all slide, Stretch ID Point, Stretch To P-Point, Stretch Clearance to PPoint
  • and Slide
  • Nozzle Specification
  • Nozzle Attributes
  • Primitives Extrusion and Revolution


  • Starting the Pipework Application
  • Setting a Default Specification
  • Creating a Simple Pipework Sequence
  • Quick Pipe Routing
  • Pipe Routing Handle
  • Pipework Component Bore and Specification Modification
  • Pipe Splitting
  • Checking for Clashes
  • Generating Isometric Plots
  • Adding Components to a Route
  • Slope pipe routing

Module 4: ISODRAFT

  • Introduction of isodraft
  • Types of isometrics

Module 5: DRAW

  • Introduction Draft
  • Department / registry
  • Hidden line representation
  • Graphical representation
  • Different types of view creation
  • Adding Elements to 3D View
  • View Frame positioning, View Size, View Centre, View Scale
  • Orientation of View Contents
  • Setting the VIEW
  • Creating Section Planes
  • Plotting and Drawing Output
  • Creating Configurable DXF and DWG Output
  • Linear Dimensions
  • Multi-valued Dimensions
  • Radial Dimensions
  • Angular Dimensions
  • Place text

Module 6: REPORT

  • How to create report
  • How to modify report

How to run report

  • How to delete report
  • E3d commands

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