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ETABS is the software being used in the CAD industry by the civil engineers to analyze and design the program developed especially for building systems. Through, ETABS Software Course imparts enlightenment on the drawing tools in a graphical and object based interface, the significance of savings in time and enhancing the productivity of the structural engineers. The ETABS Training Institute provides the chances to gain hands-on experience in handling all large scale seismic projects, which  includes Non-Linear Modeling as well. Moreover, the training proves to be very helpful in enhancing the insight of the candidates in model creation and reporting, analyzing the macroscopic performance targets, etc., which proves to be very helpful for them to enhance their career graph in the CAD industry.

Here are some of the highlights of the ETABS  Certification, which helps the candidates in understanding:

  • Dynamic Analysis: Various options for the response spectrum analysis to large deformation of the nonlinear time analysis.
  • Modeling: How to work with the physical member that is based on the objects and thus require less time in the creation of the model and interpretation of the results.
  • Steel Frame Design & Detailing: dealing with the process using various design, code algorithms for steel member selection,  such as: stress checking and drift optimization.
  • How to emerge as an innovator, and the communicative engineer, who has an ability to work with people spanning different disciplines.
  • Understand the design intellectual property in graphics, tabular form or send it to a printer.
  • The concepts of editing and creating complex models?
  • Utilize the intelligence for all large scale seismic projects, including those that involve Non-Linear Modeling. And lot more….
Target audience
  • The Civil Engineers, who want to learn Response Spectrum Analysis and Response History Analysis in CAD/CA industry and the geometrical graphics of the structure to make a sensible infrastructure.

The candidates should have completed civil engineering study.

  • An Overview
  • Introductory Tutorial Steel
  • Introductory Tutorial Concrete
  • Drawing Tools
  • Select Commands
  • CAD Import
  • Composite Columns
  • Wall Modeling
  • Shear Wall Design and Optimization
  • Steel Connection Design
  • Programming ETABS using the OAPI
  • Occupancy Loads using Shell Uniform Load Sets
  • Creating Reports
  • Buckling Factors
  • Time History Plots due to Walking Excitation
  • Composite Beam Design
  • Sequential Construction
  • Section Cuts
  • Synthetic Earthquake Generation
  • CSiXRevit
  • Performance-Based Design
  • Response Spectrum Analysis
  • Vertical Displacements in Tall Buildings
  • Reinforced Concrete Slab Design
  • Automated Post Tensioning of Slabs
  • Accidental Torsion
  • Visualization Tools

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