Air Conditioning System Design (HVAC) Training

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The HVAC Design Training Programs enable the theoretical intelligence along with the hands-on experience in analyzing the overall performance in order to decrease the  utility expenses and capital expenditures. Through this training the candidates would come to learn about the next-generation technical knowledge of various system designs, where they come to know about the HVAC component and its implementation to achieve an efficient and effective environmental control system.

After completing this Air Conditioning System Design (HVAC) training, the candidates would be able to:

  • The Role Of the HVAC engineer in the CAD industry
  • Develop an understanding of the key aspects of the system
  • Understand the methods as well as the guidelines to assist the cost effective new installations of high technical integrity
  • How to troubleshoot as well as improves the existing system?
  • What is the Air Conditioning System?
  • What are HVAC Piping selection and installation guidelines?
  • Understanding the guidelines for Building Management System (BMS) and Material Selection
  • The implementation of the Equipment & Instrument in HVAC
  • How to check the Vendor Data?
  • Understanding the Vapor compression cycle, Duct Sizing, Ventilation system, Psychometric Charts, etc.
Target audience

All the fresher or experienced Production Engineers, the individuals holding a degree or diploma in in Mechanical.


The candidates holding a degree or diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

1. An Introduction

  • The Role Of HVAC engineer in industry

2. A Detailed Study

  • Head Load calculation
  • Psychometric Charts and their use in designing
  • Duct Sizing and layouts guidelines
  • Energy, Heat, Unit conversion
  • Thermodynamics laws, system, surrounding, process
  • Vapor compression cycle.
  • Ventilation system

3. Selection & study

  • Air Conditioning System
  • System Component like AHU, Chillers, Cooling Towers, Pumps, Blowers,
  • Diffusers, grills; filters & dampers Design & Analysis of comfort
  • AC system for various applications, viz.: Shopping mall; hotal, pharma and industry etc.
  • Guidelines for Material Selection and BMS (Building Management System)
  • HVAC Piping selection and installation guidelines

4. Equipment & Instrument in HVAC

  • Equipments, viz.: WRAC; split AC; package units; AHU & chiller packages
  • The instrument required for field measurement, inspection & quality control

5. Guidelines on Construction, Installation and Troubleshooting

6. Checking of Vendor Data

7. Code review and basics of Fire fighting design

8. Introduction to Components of fire protection system

9. Raw/gery water underground and overhead tank sizing along with pump selection

10. Introduction to components of plumbing and drainage system and their selection criteria

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