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The Naviworks training insights the aspirants on the approaches to combine the 3D geometry from cross disciplines into one scene to facilitate the effective model reviews. However, the Naviworks course makes an encounter with the navigation, the architecture and other essential tools that helps in understanding the viewpoints while creating an animated design. The Autodesk Navisworks users who are willing to get familiar with the prominent tools for effective designing within the software.

While Naviworks training, the trainees would grow as an AutoCAD 3D designer, who are capable of:

  • Obtaining the 2D and 3D takeoff data from the source models
  • Creating the material estimates, the count components and the measurable areas as well
  • Linking the task-scheduling files and create a 4D construction simulation
  • Using the navigation bars and other tools
  • Make an effective implementation of the measuring tools in manipulating the Geometry
  • Understand as well as gaining control over the project outcomes by making effective use of the search and selection  sets.
  • Building effective designs that are based on 3 dimensional models for process as well as power plants. 
Target audience
  • The engineering, and construction professionals
  • The architecture
  • All who are looking forward in the relevant field.

The professionals and novice candidates looking forward to learn about the implementation of the Naviswork tools, should have some working knowledge of the 3D design as well as task-scheduling software.

1. Getting to Know Navisworks

  • Exploring the Interface, Ribbons and Indicators

2. Files and the Types of File

  • What are Native File Formats?
  • File Aggregation
  • Object Enablers

3. Moving around the Model

  • Using the Navigation Bar
  • Pan, Zoom, Walk and Fly
  • Orbit Tools
  • Using the ViewCube

4. Climbing the Selection Tree

  • Object Properties
  • Managing Models
  • Search and Selection Sets
  • Navigating the Selection Tree

5. Model Snapshots: Viewpoints, Animations and Sections

  • Understanding Viewpoints
  • Creating Animations
  • Using Sections

6. Documenting your Project

  • Using Measure Tools
  • Marking Up with Redline Tools

7. 4D Sequencing

  • Introducing Timeliner
  • 4D Simulation Best Practices

8. Clash Detection

  • Starting and Using Clash Detection
  • Working with Rules
  • Understanding the Clash Results
  • Clash Reports

9. Creating Visualizations

  • Presenter Overview
  • Applying Materials
  • Lighting the Model
  • Enhancing Scenes with RPC
  • Rendering
  • Scene Effects

10. Animating Objects

  • Animator Overview
  • Manipulating Geometry
  • Exporting Animations

11. Giving Objects Life and Action

  • Introduction of the tScripter
  • Using Events and Actions

12. Collaborating Outside of Navisworks

  • The NWD File Explored
  • Automating with Command-Line Switches
  • Extending Navisworks tExternal Applications

13. Other Useful Navisworks Tools

  • Model Data Tools
  • In-depth Project Browser
  • Mastering Links

14. Managing BIM Workflows

  • Contractor Workflows and Concepts
  • Leveraging Navisworks in the BIM Process

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