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Process Instrumentation & Control software is a boon for the piping industry, this helps in managing the pressure, temperature, flow, level and used widely in the CAD/CAM industry; this is used in the industries like: Refinery, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Bottling Plants, Food Processing, etc. Focusing on the Process Instrumentation and Control Certificate Program, the training helps the candidates in getting a good hike in the piping industry. Moreover, this training insight the candidates in understanding the  P& I diagram, SCADA programming, Emergency shut down system and a lot more.

Here are some of the objectives of Training for Industrial Engineers & Process Control:

  • Develop an insight on what Instrumentation Engineering is?
  • It helps in understanding the role of an Instrumentation engineer
  • Helps in understanding the fundamentals of Instrumentation
  • Helps in understanding the rules for engineers, designers and operating people
  • Insights on the guidelines that are accepted into the Industry
Target audience
  • The Electronic Engineering
  • The individuals with a degree or diploma in Process Instrumentation

The candidates should have owned a degree or diploma in Process Instrumentation or Electronic Engineering.

1. AnIntroduction

  • Instrumentation Engineering and role of Instrumentation engineer
  • Industry overview and scope
  • Instrumentation fundamentals

2. TheDetailed Study

  • Different types of instrument of pressure, temperature, flow, level, control valves and their application & selection
  • Fire and gas system
  • Flow calculation and control sizing

3. Standards & codes for instrumentation

4. Instrument Procurement and Inspection

5 .PLC programming (Ladder Diagram) of shutdown logic for emergency shutdown system. SCADA programming

6. Detail design engineering

  • P& I diagram
  • Data Sheet / Spec Sheet / Index
  • Loop / Hook Up Drawings

7. Diagrams & Layout

  • P& I diagram
  • Emergency shut down system
  • FAT procedure & SAT procedure

8. Documentation & Technical bid evaluation

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