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SmartPlant 3D is the most advanced and most productive 3D design system ideal for the process and power industries with automated design capabilities. Companies with automated design capabilities are constantly looking for ways to improve their productivity by reducing design errors. SmartPlant 3D is designed to help companies improve their design accuracy, maintain production consistency, minimize delays, make data-centric 3D modeling diagrams, reduce engineering costs, and implement real-time decisions.

Multisoft Systems is carrying 18-years of experience in the field of corporate and industrial training. As an SAP authorized training partner, it has gained the upper hand in delivering the SAP courses. Thousands of SAP professionals worldwide admire this training company for its project-driven training blessed with the latest curriculum.

Multisoft Systems develop this SmartPlant P&ID Admin Training as the foundation for those administrating and customizing the application as per specific processes and standards. Here you can expect the perks like up-to-the-dated course contents, skilled SmartPlant trainers, hands-on training, real-life examples, and module-wise assessments. Throughout this course, you will know SmartPlant P&ID reference data management's details and learn the techniques of configuring a project with SmartPlant Manager.

In its successful completion, you will learn:
  • How to install Intergraph Smart P&ID Software?
  • How to set-up a project with SmartPlant Manager?
  • How to deal with SmartPlant P&ID data management?
  • How to deal with SmartPlant P&ID data customization?
Target audience
  • Architects
  • Modelers
  • Draftsmen
  • Piping industry professionals
  • Engineering graduates who wish to develop careers in piping design
  • A basic understanding of Windows OS and MS Excel
  • An in-depth understanding of relational database concepts
  • A basic familiarity with P&ID design

1. Plant Group Types

  • Create a new Plant Group Type
  • Entering Data Dictionary Manager for the Plant Group Type
  • Create another New Plant Group Type

2. Hierarchy Templates

  • Create a new Hierarchy Template and utilize the Plant Group Type created from the
  • previous
  • Add a new Level to the TSPLE Hierarchy

3. Import of Drawings

  • The Import Drawing Process
  • From Drawing Manager

4. Creating Border Files and Template Files

  • Create a Border File
  • Create a Template File
  • Create a Drawing Using the New Template

5. Cloning a Symbol (TEMA)

6. Cloning a Symbol (Vessel)

7. Creating a new Symbol (Piping Component)

8. Creating a Revision el

9. Save a Drawing in a Different Format (dwg) within SPPID

10. Creating symbols in Catalog Manager from a different format (.cel

11. Creating New Select Lists and Properties

  • Create the Paint Code Select List
  • Create the Paint Code property in the Equipment table
  • Create an Equipment el utilizing the Paint Code property

12. Changing Display Name and Controlling the Display of Properties

  • Turning Off the Display of a Property
  • Change the Display Name of a Property
  • Changing Database Item Types
  • Testing your Changes

13. Creating New Filters for Display Sets

14. Reviewing/Editing Options Manager Symbology and Gapping and Updating Out of-Date Drawings

  • Bonus

15. Creating New Rules

16. Review Existing Rules

17. Creating and Using a New Format

  • Create New Format
  • Create New Symbol utilizing New Format
  • Bonus

18. Creating and Using a New Insulation Specification

19. Importing

20. Creating New Reports

  • Reporting from a Drawing; excluding Drawing Stockpile Items
  • Reporting from the EDE
  • Editing a Report Template to Exclude Stockpile Items
  • Bonus
  • Adding Properties to a Report Header

21. Creating Drawing Revisions

22. Versioning Drawings

23. Backing Up 

  • Backup the Plant
  • Delete the Plant from the Site

24. Running Utilities

25. Running Reference Data Synchronization Manager

26. Copying a Plant

  • Save Plant Structure
  • Load Plant Structure
  • Finish Load Plant Structure Processing

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