Smart Plant - 3D (SP3D) Training

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Smart Plant 3D (SP3D) training imparts the knowledge and skills to use this 3D modeling software for pipe designing. The knowledge of using SP3D is helpful in executing the detailed designing for engineering projects in Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Power plant, Food and beverage, Pharmaceuticals, and other sectors based on civil, electrical, and instrumentation. The training will guide the participants on the fundamentals, piping modeling, equipment modeling, structural, and support details.

By the end of the training, the learners will be able to:

  • Explore SP3D modeling software from Intergraph
  • Work on templates, style rules, and WBS items
  • Effectively work on space management and define control points
  • Define piping hierarchy, piping routing and piping placing
  • Create Isometric drawing extraction
  • Define equipment placing and establishing relationship between their placing
  • Identify nozzle orientation
  • Work on solid modeling and structure modeling
  • Place Grid/Coordinate System and linear member system
  • Create design for different structure components including slabs, walls, stairs, ladders, and handrails
Target audience
  • Architects
  • Modelers
  • Professionals from Piping industry
  • Fresh engineering graduates willing to develop career in Piping domain

While there is no prerequisite for this training, however the candidiates having strong interest in pipe designing can undergo this training.

1. Introduction

  • SmartPlant 3D Introduction
  • Templates/Session Files
  • Filters (Database query)
  • Views
  • Common Toolbar
  • Selecting Objects
  • Surface Style Rules
  • WBS Items
  • Common Toolbar
  • Space management
  • Inserting Reference Files
  • Placing Control Points
  • Interference Detection

2. Piping

  • Piping Hierarchy
  • Route Pipes
  • Inserting Components
  • Routing a Sloped Pipe
  • Routing Pipes from the P&ID
  • Placing Instruments
  • Placing Piping Specialty Items
  • Placing Taps
  • Inserting Splits
  • Manipulating Views
  • Creating Spools
  • Sequencing Objects
  • Creating Isometric Drawings

3. Equipment

  • Equipment General Overview
  • Placing Equipment
  • Placing Equipment Component
  • Equipment Positioning Relationships
  • Placing Equipment Shapes
  • Equipment Nozzle\Ports
  • Inserting
  • Manipulating Equipment
  • Solid Modeling intro

4. Structure

  • Placing Grids/Coordinate systems
  • Linear Member System
  • Structure Modelling
  • Slabs
  • Walls
  • Stair/Ladders/Handrails
  • Footing
  • Equipment Foundations

5. Supports

  • Placement of supports
  • Hangers, Spring
  • Guide, Rest
  • Making special pipe support

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