Oracle HCM Cloud: Global Human Resources Ed 3 Training & Certification Courses

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Oracle HCM is a cluster of modules of the Oracle e-business suite applications. It helps you handle and manage Human resources data and day to day transactions in an optimum manner. Oracle HCM provide you a complete solution to manage common HR practices and processes, align the global HR processes and build a common culture and compliance. Organizations are widely using Oracle HCM applications to manage HR management processes while supporting local compliance and process needs across the world.

Multisoft systems offers Oracle HCM Cloud training program to help the business and professionals understand how to use this product and service to the utmost of its potential. The training program imparts you the knowledge to set up your organization and workforce constructs and organize security. The industry certified trainers will make you understand about how to achieve employment data, recruit an employee, etc. By enrolling yourself in this training program, you will gain the appropriate knowledge that will certainly help you smooth, fast implementation of Workforce Deployment. You will gain a solid understanding about the key components and configuration choices to make improved verdicts during implementation. Upon the successful completion of this training program, you will be able to accomplish the following:

  • Know to customize Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager to instrument Workforce Deployment
  • Create jobs, profiles, positions and scores and outline person employment principles and manage relevant documents
  • Set up your originality and staff structures
  • Describe convenience, set up work schedules and calendar events
  • Achieve functional tasks like appointing persons, managing employment and sustain worker manuals
  • Get an overview of HCM security.

The only prerequisite for this course is a basic understanding of the Oracle HCM Cloud.

Target Audience
  • Administrators
  • Implementation Consultants
  • Functional Implementers
  • End Users

After successfully completing Oracle HCM Cloud: Global Human Resources Ed 3 Training & Certification course, the candidates will receive a training completion certificate from Multisoft Systems.

1. Course Overview

  • Lesson Agenda
  • Course Objectives
  • Course Audience
  • Course Schedule
  • Course Approach
  • Information Sources

2. Human Capital Management Overview

  • Oracle Human Capital Management
  • Global Human Resources
  • Oracle HR and Payroll Country Extensions
  • Oracle HR and Payroll Language Support

3. Introduction to the User Interface

  • Oracle Fusion Applications User Interface (UI)
  • Home Page
  • Springboard
  • Infolet Page
  • Navigator Menu
  • Settings and Actions

4. Functional Setup Manager: Enabling Offerings for Initial Use

  • Implementing Oracle Fusion Applications
  • Job Roles with Functional Setups User Permissions
  • Application Implementation Manager
  • Applications Implementation Consultant
  • Functional Users
  • Navigating to Functional Setup Manager
  • Working with Configure Offerings
  • Implementing Projects

5. Defining Geographies

  • Geography Structure
  • Deploying Geographies in United States, Canada, Other Countries
  • Geography Hierarchy
  • Geography Validation
  • File-Based Import Process
  • Analyzing Attribute Mapping

6. Setting up Enterprise Structures

  • Establishing Enterprise Structures Using the ESC
  • Setting up Configuration of Individual and Multiple Enterprise Structures
  • Creating and Managing Legal Entities
  • Managing Business Units, Reference Data Sets, and Common Sets
  • Establishing Job and Position Structures

7. Managing Enterprise HCM Information

  • Managing Enterprise HCM Information Task
  • Employment Model
  • Work day Information
  • Person, Worker, and Assignment Number Generation
  • Person-Name Languages
  • Position Management
  • Employment Information

8. Managing Legal Entity

  • Managing Legal Address
  • Defining Legal Entity
  • Understand Legislative Data Group (LDG)
  • Manage Legal Entity HCM Information
  • Manage Legal Jurisdictions
  • Understand Legal Reporting Units

9. Creating Reference Data Sets and Business Units

  • Creating Business Units
  • Reference Data Sets (Set ID)
  • Business Unit Set Assignment
  • Common Sets

10. Setting up Locations, Organizations, and Actions

  • Defining Locations
  • Defining HCM Organizations
  • Actions and Action Reasons
  • Collective Agreements

11. Setting up Base Compensation

  • Managing Grades
  • Grade Rates
  • Grade Ladders
  • Salary Basis

12. Setting up Jobs and Positions

  • Defining job and job families
  • Job Details and Lookups
  • Benchmark and Progression Information
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Defining Position and Position Trees
  • Lookups
  • Position Details
  • Jobs and Positions Work with Profiles

13. Defining Workforce Records

  • Defining Availability
  • Defining Person Record Values
  • Defining Employment Record Values
  • Defining Documents
  • Defining Checklists
  • Lookups and Profile Options

14. Managing Workforce Lifecycle

  • Add Person and Manage Personal Information
  • Managing Employment Information
  • Promote, Transfer, and Terminate Workers
  • Managing Area of Responsibility
  • Managing Mass Updates
  • Managing Direct Reports

15. Directory

  • Using Directory
  • Person Spotlight
  • Maintaining Person Keywords
  • Understanding Line Manager Self Service
  • Understanding Worker Self Service
  • Promoting a Worker

16. Course Highlights

  • Best Practices
  • Working in Cloud
  • Common Workforce Deployment Processes

17. Appendix A - Security Overview

  • Types of Roles in Oracle Application Security
  • Understanding Functional Privileges by Job Role

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