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  • Instructor-led Online Training
  • Project Based Learning
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  • Lifetime e-Learning Access
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Certified Network Defender (CND) Training Course Overview

Learn how to examine and review company’s network risks and threats and to perform all types of network defense with Certified Network Defender (CND) Online training Course from Multisoft Systems. Enrol for this course to learn from certified industry experts and avail perks like lifetime e-learning access and a globally recognized training certificate.

In Certified Network Defender (CND) Online Training Course, you will gain understanding of network security management; learn basics of first response; how to establish network security policies and procedures; understanding indicators of Compromise, Attack, and Exposures; build threat intelligence capabilities; set up mobile and IoT device security; implement data security techniques on networks; establish and monitor log management and more.

Designed by experienced industry experts, Certified Network Defender Online Training Course (CND) trains IT professionals to protect the assets of digital business by detecting, responding, and resolving cyber threats. Students will learn how to install, configure, and manage network security controls and devices; harden hosts to secure them against intrusions; design, implement, and monitor security policies; perform risk, threat, and vulnerability assessments; and implement and configure VNPs and wireless network technologies. In simple words, you will gain in-depth understanding of defensive security with hands-on capability to perform all types of network defense.

Multisoft Systems comes is providing Certified Network Defender (CND) Online Training course with perks like access to lifetime e-learning, recorded training session videos and after training support. Students can also schedule sessions as per convenience and get trained from certified and experienced industry experts. After successful completion of the course, students will be awarded with a globally recognized training certificate.

Certified Network Defender (CND) Course Objective
  • To impart knowledge on how to deal with cyber threats
  • What is CND program?
  • What are the fundamentals of network defense?
  • CND program’s functions and capabilities
Certified Network Defender (CND) Online Training
  • Recorded Videos After Training
  • Digital Learning Material
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 24x7 After Training Support
Target Audience
  • Network Administrators
  • Network Security Professional
  • Site Administrator
  • Security Operator
Certified Network Defender (CND) Course Prerequisites
  • Basic idea of networking and its components
Certified Network Defender (CND) Course Certification
  • Multisoft Systems will provide you with Certified Network Defender (CND) Online Training Course certificate after successful completion of the program.

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Certified Network Defender (CND) Training Course Content

Module1: Network Attacks and defense Strategies

  • This module introduces you to different network based attacks that organizations face to understand their working and develop defense strategies

Module 2: Administrative Network security

  • It involves developing and updating security infrastructure and continually monitoring networks for any suspicious actions or unauthorized access

Module 3: Technical Network Security

  • Implementing authentication and protection controls for user verification to avoid theft of sensitive information or data. Introducing the concept of zero trust and its effectiveness in maintaining a better security posture

Module 4: Network Perimeter Security

  • Implementation and management of perimeter devices like firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and intrusion prevention systems

Module 5: Endpoint Security-windows Systems

  • Security of end-user devices and entry points by implying endpoint security on Windows

Module 6: Endpoint Security-Linux Systems

  • Securing entry points or end-user devices by ensuring endpoint security on Linux devices

Module 7: Endpoint Security-Mobile Devices

  • Securing entry points or end-user devices by ensuring endpoint security on mobile devices

Module 8: Endpoint Security-IoT Devices

  • Fundamentals of IoT, IoT threats and security using endpoint security implementations

Module 9: Administrative Application Security

  • Understanding the methodologies of administrative application security and its importance to minimize the security-related vulnerabilities in the application

Module 10: Data Security

  • Implementing policies to safeguard data from unauthorized access using various techniques like encryption, hashing, tokenization, and other key management practices. Concept of data storage, data classification and masking, retention, and destruction

Module 11: Enterprise Virtual Network Security

  • In-depth understanding of virtualization, related threats, and security. Essentials of software-defined networks (SDN) security, network function virtualization (NFV) security

Module 12: Enterprise Cloud Network Security

  • Introduction tom cloud computing, threats, challenges and security across cloud platforms, concepts of container security, docker security and kubernetes security

Module 13: Enterprise Wireless Network Security

  • Understanding of wireless network security essentials, threats, and attacks

Module 14: Network Traffic monitoring and Analysis

  • Analysis and monitoring of logs from various perimeter network devices to identify any anomalies

Module 15: Network Logs Monitoring and Analysis

  • Analyzing the events generated by various devices in the network to identify signs of any suspicious activity or a potential incident

Module 16: Incident Response and Forensic Investigations

  • Understanding of incident management response process and methodologies to be followed in the case of security incidents. Understanding of forensic investigation techniques and tools used for analysis

Module 17: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

  1. Understanding the importance of BCP and DR, related concepts and procedures required to allow smooth functioning of operations in case of a disaster

Module 18: Risk Anticipation with Risk Management

  • Risk management process, analyzing various risks that the organization is susceptible to and developing policies to manage them

Module 19: Threat Assessment with Attack Surface Analysis

  • Analyzing the threats and attack vectors to develop solutions for their countermeasures

Module 20: Threat Prediction with Cyber Threat Intelligence

  • Developing a proactive approach by understanding various frameworks aiding in threat intelligence to anticipate the kinds of attacks hackers could use to gain access to the network


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Certified Network Defender (CND) Training (MCQ) Assessment

This assessment tests understanding of course content through MCQ and short answers, analytical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and effective communication of ideas. Some Multisoft Assessment Features :

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  • Secure login and authentication measures to protect data
  • Automated scoring and grading to save time
  • Time limits and countdown timers to manage duration.
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Be it schedule, duration or course material, you can entirely customize the trainings depending on the learning requirements

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Be it schedule, duration or course material, you can entirely customize the trainings depending on the learning requirements

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Certified Network Defender (CND) Training FAQ's

A certified network defender protects businesses’ digital assets by detecting, responding, and resolving cyber threats.

The network defense priorities are based on an Adaptive Security Strategy – Protect, Detect, Respond, and Predict. Following activities are performed in each phase.

PROTECT - Defense-In-Depth Security; Properly Designed, Implemented, and Enforced Security Policies; Security Architectures; Appropriate Configuration and Right Selection of Security Controls

DETECT- Traffic Monitoring; Log Management; Log Monitoring and Anomalies Detection.

RESPOND- Incident Response; Forensics Investigation; Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR)

PREDICT- Risk and Vulnerability Assessment; Attack Surface Analysis and Threat Intelligence

Computer Network Defense are commonly defined as the actions taken using computer networks to protect, monitor, analyze, detect and respond to unauthorized activities.

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