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Multisoft Systems is committed to offering ForgeRock Identity Management Training to help the professionals in managing the lifecycle and relationship of digital identities within the context of a Customer Identity and Access Management solution (CIAM). The offered training is ideal for System Developers, System Integrators, System Administrators, System Consultants, and System Architects. Go for this interactive course if you are keen on learning the practice of implementing ForgeRock Identity Management (IDM) to integrate with the ForgeRock Identity Platform

In its successful completion, you will be able to create a workflow, add a custom field to the End User UI registration page, deploy a given workflow, configure social identity providers, and manage a relationship between a user and device. To pursue this course from Multisoft, you are supposed to carry a basic knowledge of using the Linux operating system to complete labs and experience of working with Java, JavaScript, JSON, REST, Groovy, LDAP, and SQL.

ForgeRock Identity Management Course Objectives:
  • How to Deploy and manage IDM as a development project?
  • How to perform basic IDM troubleshooting?
  • How to install IDM and Use the REST interface to access IDM?
  • How to integrate IDM with the ForgeRock Identity Platform?
  • How to manage a basic relationship within the managed user object?
  • How to manage user preferences and configure role-based provisioning?
  • How to deploy and test a given workflow?
  • How to model relationships on the basis of a given use case?
  • How to enable the profile and privacy management dashboard?
  • How to enable progressive profiling and add terms and conditions?
  • How to configure social identity providers and default user registration process?
  • How to delegate the administration privileges of account properties to a group of users?
  • How to perform basic synchronization and run selective synchronization and LiveSync?
ForgeRock Identity Management Online Training
  • Recorded Videos After Training
  • Digital Learning Material
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 24x7 After Training Support
ForgeRock Identity Management Course Target Audience
  • System Integrators
  • System Consultants
  • System Architects
  • System Developers
  • System Administrators
ForgeRock Identity Management Course Prerequisites
  • Skills of using the Linux operating system to complete labs
  • Knowledge of Java, JavaScript, REST, JSON, Groovy, SQL, and LDAP
ForgeRock Identity Management Course Certification
  • Multisoft Systems will provide you with a training completion certificate after completing this ForgeRock Identity Management Training .

ForgeRock Identity Management Course Content

Module 1: Introducing IDM and Getting Started

  • Introducing IDM and Exploring the FEC Solution
  • Installing IDM
  • Deploying and Managing IDM as a Project
  • Performing Basic IDM Troubleshooting

Module 2: Enabling User Registration and Self-Service

  • Configuring the Default User Registration Process
  • Configuring IDM User Self-Service
  • Delegating Administration Privileges

Module 3: Adding Social Registration and Authentication

  • Configuring Social Identity Providers
  • Integrating IDM with the ForgeRock Identity Platform

Module 4: Managing Synchronization and Reconciliation

  • Using the REST Interface to Access IDM
  • Connecting to External Resources Using OpenICF
  • Performing Basic Synchronization
  • Running Selective Synchronization and LiveSync
  • Configuring Role-Based Provisioning

Module 5: Managing the IDM Privacy and Consent Options

  • Managing User Preferences
  • Configuring Privacy and Consent
  • Enabling Progressive Profiling and Adding Terms and Conditions
  • Enabling the Profile and Privacy Management Dashboard

Module 6: Managing Relationships Between Objects in IDM

  • Managing Relationships in IDM
  • Modeling Relationships in IDM
  • Managing Devices and Things in IDM (Optional)

Module 7: Getting Started with Workflow

  • Deploying and Starting a Workflow
  • Deploying and Creating a Workflow

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