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DevOps® is a popular software engineering culture that aims at unifying software development and software operations. Today, a large number of organizations are adopting DevOps culture, realizing the benefits that it offers for the business. DevOps® is basically a systematic approach that depends on the collaborative effort between operations, development, and QA, through the entire lifecycle of a project that results in continuous improvement and agility. Today, many global organizations are looking for qualified DevOps® professionals and thus, a good knowledge of DevOps® is considered a passport to career success.

The training has been designed to equip you with the practical skills of the job and make you fit to effectively work in this industry.

At the completion of the DevOps® Foundation Course or DevOps® Foundation Training from Multisoft Systems, you will be able to:
  • Completely comprehend DevOps® objectives and vocabulary;
  • Explain the business benefits of DevOps® for today’s businesses;
  • Acknowledge the relationship of DevOps® with Agile, Lean and ITSM;
  • Learn improved communication and feedback loops;
  • Identify critical success factors and key performance indicators;
  • Acquire knowledge of the core value of CAMS (culture, automation, measurement, and sharing); and even more…
Devops Course Target Audience?
  • Anyone who has ever worked in IT development (applications or infrastructure) or operations OR are currently managing these areas.
  • For people who are delivering technical/business benefits such as continuous integration, continuous delivery, faster delivery of features while maintaining production stability as well as breaking- down barriers and reducing cycle times.

DevOps® Foundation Course Content

Day 1:

  • Course Introduction
  • Why DevOps®?
  • What is DevOps®?
  • DevOps® and IT Performance
  • DevOps® and Automation
  • Measuring DevOps Success
  • DevOps® Principles
  • DevOps® Patterns
  • DevOps® and other Frameworks
  • DevOps® Culture

Day 2:

  • DevOps® Organizational consideration
  • Promoting Collaboration
  • Improving Communication
  • DevOps® Practices
  • DevOps® Automation Practices
  • DevOps® Tool Chain
  • Adopting DevOps Culture
  • Practical Exercises to start DevOps Journey
  • Discussion Summary and Next Steps
  • Exam

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