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Linux System Programming Training describes different functions of operating system and focuses on Linux system programming. The course starts building the foundation through C programming language. The implementation of control flow statements, and data structures are executed. Further the operation systems concepts are discussed and later on the concepts are implemented through Linux programming. Participants gain understanding on the advance topics such as socket programming. The training equips the attendees with the foundation skills to work on Linux for embedded systems development.

By the completion of the training, you be learning the following:

  • Implement control flow statements, functions, arrays, pointers, structures, and link list using C programming language
  • Basic architecture of computer system and structure of operating system
  • Different functions of operating systems including process management, memory management, and storage management
  • File management system and signal handling to control the flow of data
  • Concepts of threading, semaphores, and Inter-process communication (IPC)
  • Socket programming using AF_UNIX
Target audience
  • Students from third and fourth year of BE / B. Tech. courses (Electronics, Electronics & Telecommunication, Instrumentation, Computer Science, Information Technology)
  • Final year students of MCA/BCA/M.Sc-IT/M.Tech
  • Working professionals from embedded systems and related domains
  • Professionals willing to develop Linux system programming skills

Candidates having knowledge of operating system coupled with any programming experience are the ideal participants for this course.

1.  Introduction to C Programming

  • Introduction to ’C’
  • Control flow Statements in ‘C’
  • Functions
  • Arrays
  • Pointers
  • Pointers and functions
  • Structures
  • C preprocessor
  • Link List, Doubly Linked lists

2.  Introduction to operating system

  • What Operating Systems Do
  • Computer-System Organization
  • Computer-System Architecture
  • Operating-System Structure
  • Operating-System Operations
  • Process Management
  • Memory Management
  • Storage Management
  • Protection and Security
  • Types of kernel

3.  Linux system Programming

  • Files and devices
  • Library functions
  • Low-level file access
  • Managing files
  • The standard I/O library
  • Formatted input and output
  • The /proc file system

4.  Process

  • What is a process
  • Viewing processes
  • Starting new process
  • Duplicating a process image
  • Programming example of using fork() system call

5.  Signal

  • Viewing the header file signal.h
  • Signal handling
  • Signal sending
  • POSIX Signals API
  • Programming example of signal handling related functions.

6.  Posix threads programming

  • Threads and Processes
  • Creating Threads
  • Synchronizing Threads
  • Communicating Between Threads
  • Programming example of using pthread related functions.

7.  IPC (Inter Process communication)

  • Discuss various IPC mechanisms (in brief)
  • pipe()
  • popen()
  • named pipes (FIFO)

8.  System V-IPC (Inter Process communication)                                                      

  • Understanding the Linux interface facilities
  • Semaphores, for managing access to resources
  • Using functions like semctl(), semget() , semopt().
  • Shared memory, for highly efficient data sharing between programs
  • Using functions like shmat(),shmctl(),shmdt(),shmget()
  • Messaging, for an easy way of passing data between programs
  • Using functions like msgget(),msgctl(),msgrcv(),msgsnd()

9.  Socket Programming                                                         

  • What Is a Socket?
  • Socket Connections
  • Socket Attributes
  • Socket Domains
  • Socket Types
  • Socket Protocols
  • Creating a Socket
  • Socket Addresses
  • Naming a Socket
  • Accepting Connections
  • Requesting Connections
  • Closing a Socket
  • Programming example of creating local Client and Local Server using AF_UNIX

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