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IBM Websphere Transformation Extender (WTX) - Essentials training is a foundation level course focusing on the fundamentals of WebSphere Transformation Extender. The combination of explanation from the industry expert and hands-on exercises gives you a deep understanding on the use WTX Type Designer and WTX Map Designer for generating type trees an invoking compiled maps using run function. The aspirants also learn about the Database Interface Designer(DID) using SQL Server/DB2/Oracle. Specific topics covered under the official curriculum include Integration flow designer (IFD), WTX Launcher, WTX Resource Registry, and Debugging in WTX.

By the end of the training you will be proficient in the following skills:

  • Understand the significance of Type Tree and the ways of creating it
  • Learn how to generate XML type tree for DTD and Schema
  • Demonstrate the use of rules and functions use for creating functional maps and checking them for errors
  • Effective use of IFD for creating systems definition files and generating launcher file
  • Using WTX Debugger for reading audit and trace files
Target audience

Analysts and programmers interested in providing transformation solutions and implementing data integration using the IBM Websphere Transformation Extender.


While there is no formal prerequisite for this course, however candidates with sound understanding of data formats and structures can get best out of this training program.

1. WTX Type Designer

  • Introduction to Type tree designer
  • What is a Type Tree
  • How to Create a Simple Type Tree
  • How to Generate a Type Tree using a Cobol Copy File
  • How to Generate a Type Tree using a Database Query
  • Type Tree Importer
  • Generating XML type tree for DTD and Schema.

2. WTX Map Designer

  • Introduction of the map designer
  • Simple Map Creation
  • Creating Functional Map
  • Creating rules and functions
  • Invoking compiled maps using run function
  • Failing maps on error data
  • Creating trace files and audit files
  • Compiling maps to a specific platform
  • Creating a map to read from file and write to File

3. Database Interface Designer (using SQL Server/DB2/Oracle)

  • Introduction about Database Interface Designer(DID)

4. Integration Flow Designer

  • Introduction to Integration flow designer
  • Creating system definition files using IFD
  • Generating launcher file in IFD

5. WTX Launcher (Event Server)

  • Introduction to Event Server

6. WTX Resource Registry

  • Introduction to Resource Registry
  • Understanding override parameters

7. Debugging in WTX

  • Reading Audit & Trace Files
  • How to use WTX Debugger

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