ITIL® Intermediate Service Strategy (SS) Training

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ITIL® Intermediate Service Strategy training builds the proficiencies in the candidates to design, develop, and implement the service strategy aligning with the organizational strategy. It imparts the knowledge and skills to identify the risk and success factors associated before concluding the plan. The scenario-based training from an industry expert will guide the aspirants to manage and control different activities and techniques required for the execution of the service strategy. Adopting service strategy principles and techniques can help the employees to not limit themselves to the technical roles but also align with the organizational growth.

At the end of the training you will be competent in the following skills:

  • Understanding the purpose, objective, scope of service strategy
  • Identify the appropriate service strategy principle based on the scenario and defining the strategy to implement it
  • Define the way how the crafted strategy will interface with other phases of the service lifecycle
  • Define Governance framework and relate service strategy with it
  • Describe the role of service owner and BR manager
  • Considering the technological aspect including service automation and interfaces
  • Identify success factors and risks factors in the implementation and improvisation of service strategy
Target audience

ITIL® Service Strategy training is beneficial for the professionals from the following domains:

  • IT management
  • IT Finance management
  • Demand Management
  • Supplier Relationship management
  • Service Portfolio Management
  • Strategy makers
  • Service designers
  • While there is no formal prerequisite for this training, however candidates with a strong interest in Service Strategy phase of Service Lifecycle module are the ideal participants for this course.
  • For writing the ITIL® Service Strategy Certification exam the candidate must have 5 to 7 years of working experience and hold ITIL® v3 Foundation level certificate.

ITIL® Service Strategy Certification

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1. Introduction to Service Strategy

  • The purpose and objectives of service strategy
  • The scope of service strategy and ways that service strategy adds value to the business
  • The context of service strategy in relation to all other lifecycle stages

2. Service strategy principles

  • Basic approach to deciding a strategy
  • Strategy and opposing dynamics
  • Outperforming competitors
  • The four P’s of Service Strategy
  • Services
  • Value
  • Utility and Warranty
  • Assets – Customer, service and strategic
  • Defining Services
  • Strategies for Customer Satisfaction
  • Service economics
  • Sourcing strategy
  • Strategy inputs and outputs

3. Service Strategy Processes

  • A management perspective of the purpose and value of the service strategy processes, how they integrate within service strategy and how they interface with other lifecycle phases

4. Governance

  • Governance
  • Setting the strategy for governance
  • Evaluate, direct and monitor
  • Governance framework
  • What is IT Governance
  • Governance Bodies
  • How Service Strategy relates to Governance

5. Organizing for Service Strategy

  • Organizational development
  • Organizational departmentalization
  • Organizational Design
  • The roles of service owner and BR Manager

6.Technology Considerations

  • Service automation
  • Service interfaces

7.  Implementing and improving service strategy

  • Implementation through the lifecycle
  • Following a lifecycle approach
  • Impact of Service Strategy on other lifecycle stages

8. Challenges, critical success factors and risks

  • Be able to provide insight and guidance for service Strategy challenges, risks and critical success factors

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