80726AE: Customer Service in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Training

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The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Service training lays emphasis on how companies can nurture the contentment of their clients by automating their business processes. This training familiarizes you with all of the powerful Customer Service and Service Scheduling functionality capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016.

The Customer Service training teaches you how to work with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 to solve customer complaints and service issues cost effectively. This training also demonstrates the relevant view of your client that delivers some actionable insights to you and your team, including the use of knowledge management in a centralized knowledge base. This training also aids you in preparing for exam MB2-714.

You will learn about the following things from this training:

  • Examine the process of creating, modifying, and publishing knowledge base articles
  • Define types of Service Level Agreements and discover the differences
  • Explore the main components of working with cases including converting cases from activity records
  • Identify the role and importance of the service activity scheduling engine and the scheduling process
  • Demonstrate the creation and maintenance of entitlement templates
Target audience
  • Application Consultant
  • Technological Consultant

The following are considered the sufficient prerequisites to undergo this training:

  • Some basic experience using Windows applications.
  • Knowledge of basic sales, marketing, and customer service roles in a business.
  • Some knowledge of common Microsoft Dynamics CRM record types is preferred.

1. Introduction to Service Management

  • Customer Scenarios
  • Basic Record Types

2. Case Management

  • Create New Case Records
  • Case Form
  • Case Lists and Views
  • Search Case Records
  • Convert Cases from Activities
  • Business Process Flows
  • Case Resolution Process
  • Case Routing Rules
  • Parent Child Cases
  • Merge Cases

3. Knowledge Base

  • Article Templates
  • Working with Article Templates
  • Format Knowledge Base Articles
  • Create Knowledge Base Articles
  • Search Articles
  • Use Knowledge Base Articles to Resolve Cases
  • Attach Knowledge Base Articles to Emails

4. Queue Management

  • System and Personal Queues
  • Create and Maintain Queues
  • Add Cases and Activities to Queues
  • Queue Items: Work On
  • Queue Items: Release and Remove
  • Queue Item Details
  • Case Routing

5. Service Level Agreements

  • Create Service Level Agreements
  • Service Level Agreement Types
  • Standard Service Level Agreements
  • Enhanced Service Level Agreements
  • Service Level Agreements On Demand
  • Manage Cases with Service Level Agreements

6. Entitlements

  • Entitlement and Entitlement Templates
  • Create New Entitlements
  • Entitlement Channels
  • Apply Entitlements to Cases
  • Associate Products
  • Associate Service Level Agreements
  • Active Entitlements

7. Service Scheduling

  • Service Scheduling Overview
  • Selection Rules
  • Customer Preferences
  • Schedule Service Activities in Service Calendar
  • Capacity Scheduling
  • Manage Service Activities

8. Interactive Service Hub

  • Multi Stream Dashboards
  • Single Stream Dashboards
  • Manage Queues and Cases from Streams
  • Interactive Dashboards

9. Unified Service Desk

  • Unified Service Desk Overview
  • Integrated Agent Desktop

10. Service Management Analysis

  • Work with Service Dashboards
  • PowerBI Service Dashboards
  • Work with Service Reports
  • Work with System Charts for Cases
  • Understand Service Metrics and Goals
  • Create Monthly Goals for Case Records

11. FieldOne

  • FieldOne Introduction
  • Logging In and Navigating FIeldOne Sky
  • A Day in the Life of a...
  • Dispatcher
  • Field Agent
  • Manager

12. Voice of the Customer

  • Why Voice of the Customer
  • Capabilities
  • Distribution
  • Demonstration
  • Capturing Responses
  • Voice of the Customer Availability

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