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Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 training enables the aspirants to explore the functionality of MS Dynamics GP 2013. The training demonstrates how to use its basic elements to check for inquiries, and create reports. Practical hands-on exposure will make the trainees confident in using SmartList to export data to frequently used software say Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel for further analysis. How to personalize the software, change display settings, set business alerts are also explained that helps in streamlining the business process as per your job profile.

At the completion of the training you will hold the following capabilities:

  • Understand the navigation and basic elements of MS Dynamics GP 2013
  • Customize the display settings, activity tracking, series checklist and the elements to improve work efficiency
  • Use notes and set user preferences for recording information and focusing on important work
  • Use inquiry tool, SmartList, and reports for extending and presenting fetched data
  • Post transactions in different ways while taking care of security options
  • Use source documents and audit trail codes to trace transactions in the system
  • Set up company financial parameters such as fiscal periods, payment terms, credit card information. account format, tax calculations and other finance elated details
Target audience
  • Data entry personnel
  • Administrators
  • Office managers
  • Strategic managers
  • Consultants
  • Candidates seeking knowledge on the basic technical aspects and functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP

Candidates with a basic understanding of accounting principles and hands-on exposure to Microsoft Windows are the ideal participants for this course.

Course 80571A: Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

1: Overview and Basic Elements

  • Basic Elements
  • Using Notes
  • User Preferences
  • Navigation Pane
  • Home Pages
  • Help and Other Documentation

2: SmartList, Reports, and Inquiries

  • SmartLists
  • Microsoft Word Templates
  • Report Options and Printing
  • Report Groups
  • Report List and My Reports
  • Excel Reports
  • Inquiries, Named Printers and Process Monitor

3: System and Posting Setup

  • System Setup
  • Posting Methods and Setup Options
  • Posting Accounts and Audit Trails

4: Company Setup Procedures

  • Creating Companies
  • Accessing Companies
  • Setup Checklist
  • Account Format
  • Fiscal Periods
  • Company Information and Setup Options
  • Shipping Methods
  • Payment Terms
  • Credit Cards
  • Other Company Setups
  • Internet Information
  • Emailing Documents
  • Unified Communications
  • Tax Setup
  • Tax Calculations in Receivables and Payables
  • Tax Calculations in Sales Order Processing

5: Customization and Utilities

  • Series Checklists
  • Customizing Toolbars
  • Activity Tracking
  • Process Server Overview
  • Other Customization Options
  • Removing Security Setup Records
  • Installation and Customization
  • Table Information and Maintenance
  • Backups


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