Data Upgrade and Code Upgrade in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Training

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Data Upgrade and Code Upgrade in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 training course prepares the aspirants to upgrade from the older version (2009 SP1) of MS Dynamics, with customization, to the latest version (2013). This guides on the complete setup process and make them aware of the improved tools, features, functionalities and the capabilities of the new version. Aspirants will also learn how to craft the pre and post upgradation strategy.

Upon the completion of the training you will exhibit the following skillset:

  • Understand the process of upgrading from MS Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 to MS Dynamics NAV 2013
  • Identify the tools used for upgradation process
  • Determine the scope of upgradation and its associated requirements, cost analysis, and workflow
  • Craft upgrade strategy, the customizations involved and the post-upgrade activities
  • Use Upgrade Toolkit for upgrading the database from Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013
  • Perform acceptance testing before going live
  • Setup users and conduct user training
Target audience

The novice and experienced programmers willing to enhance their programming skills are the ideal candidates to take this training.


The intended candidates for this training must have the following skills:

  • Knowledge of ERP
  • Completed course 80439A: Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013
  • Completed course 80436A: C/SIDE Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013
  • Completed course 80437A: C/SIDE Solution Development in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

Course 80549A: Data Upgrade and Code Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

1: Introduction to the Upgrade Process

  • Terminology
  • Upgrade Overview
  • Upgrade Workflow
  • Upgrade Tools

2: Project Analysis and Planning

  • Project Analysis and Planning Overview
  • Collecting Business Requirements
  • Upgrade Estimates
  • Define Upgrade Test Strategy
  • Plan Upgrade Workflow Based on Analysis
  • Preparation of Environments for the Upgrade

3: Code Upgrade

  • Code Upgrade Workflow
  • Object Text Transformation
  • Object Transformation
  • Upgrade of Dimensions
  • Test of the Code Upgrade
  • SQL Server Administration
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Administration Console

4: Data Upgrade

  • Data Upgrade Workflow
  • Troubleshooting

5: Going Live

  • Pre-Production Upgrade
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Live Data Upgrade
  • Going Live and Project Closure


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