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Microsoft .NET 4.5 Training (Beginner Level) or Essentials .NET 4.5 Training develops the programming skills in C# required for the developers to build Windows and Web applications. This training course familiarizes participants with the significance of .NET framework, .NET idioms and basic concepts involved in the creation of rich applications. The course covers concepts from basics and makes the learner able to expand the concepts to other languages. The course drives you through the fundamentals of the programming language structure, syntax required for console and web applications creation and deployment.

After completing this training, candidates are able to:

  • Deploy object oriented programming (OOP) language concepts along with .NET platform.
  • Create programs using different programming concepts including data types, arithmetic operators, branching statements.
  • Build and share data through classes and objects
  • Understand I/O classes and exception handling
  • Create interactive web pages and program web applications along with web services
  • Work with client-side scripting
  • Debug, configure and deploy web applications
Target audience

Microsoft Beginner Level .NET 4.5 training is an appropriate entry level course for the learners interested in building their career in development. The learners include professionals with programming experience in C, C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, or Java. An aspiring developer and the students familiar with OOPs concepts can also get benefited. This training imparts the skills needed for developer productivity, application performance, and continuous innovation.


While there is no formal prerequisite for this training, however candidates with a strong interest in programming and software development are the ideal participants for this course.

.NET 4.5 Fundamentals

  • Understanding Object-Oriented Programming
  • Understanding Data Types and Collections
  • Understanding Events and Exceptions
  • Understanding Code Compilation and Deployment
  • Understanding Input/Output (I/O) Classes
  • Understanding Security

Web Development Fundamentals

  • Creating a Web Page
  • Creating an Interactive Web Page
  • Working with XML, Data Objects, and WCF
  • Working with Data
  • Working with Client-Side Scripting
  • Troubleshooting and Debugging Web Applications
  • Configuring and Deploying Web Applications


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