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Microsoft Outlook 2013 training makes the candidates productive in sending emails with complete formatting. The training explains on improved navigation features and easy ways of inserting graphical elements from clip art, files, or even tables into the messages. The hands-on session will help the participants practice creating contact records, manage address book, and task list. How to manage calendars and share with other Outlook users is also explained during the training. The training also lays emphasis on the ways of scheduling meetings and sending message to private recipients through Bcc field. Personalize the Outlook items along with managing incoming emails in specific folders is explained during the hands-on sessions.

Upon the completion of the training, you will inculcate the following skills:

  • Manage the Outlook environmnets
  • Manage messages – formatting, sending features, drafts, automatic replies, attachements,
  • Manage schedules – set appointments, meetings and their reminders
  • Manage calendar – mark holidays as per your client country,
  • Control spam – enable Junk Email Filter
  • Manage contacts and groups – add contacts to address book, import/export vCards
Track emails with read receipt
Target audience

The course is intended for the students and professionals who have a strong interest in managing and sending effective emails.


While there is no formal prerequisite for this training, however candidates with basic computer knowledge can undergo this training.


Exam 77-423

  • 1. Add and use contacts
  • 2. Calendar basics
  • 3. Email basics
  • 4. Fonts, hyperlinks, and spell check
  • 5. Recall and replace sent messages
  • 6. Send automatic replies when you’re out of the office
  • 7. Send and open attachments
  • 8. The ins and outs of BCC
  • 9. Use Instant Search to find Calendar items
  • 10. Use Instant Search to find messages and text
  • 11. Add holidays to your calendar
  • 12. Control spam
  • 13. Create or delete a search folder
  • 14. Group and view email in your inbox
  • 15. Import and export vCards to Outlook contacts
  • 16. Make the switch to Outlook 2013
  • 17. Make your job easier with Outlook
  • 18. Reach out with contact groups (distribution lists)
  • 19. Send or delete an email stuck in your outbox
  • 20. Take calendars to the next level
  • 21. Templates and stationery
  • 22. Track email with read receipts
  • 23. Use voting buttons to create or respond to polls
  • 24. Archive or back up your mailbox
  • 25. Create and use Personal Folders (Outlook Data Files)
  • 26. Password protect your mailbox
  • 27. Share or publish your Office 365 Business calendar
  • 28. Use rules to manage your email


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