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This Oracle Hyperion Planning 11.1.2: Create & Manage Applications training will teach you how to manage metadata, create an application and add dimensions and members. You'll also learn how to import members, load data, set up security, create data forms, set up task lists and create business rules.

This Oracle Hyperion Planning 11.1.2: Create & Manage Applications training will teach you how to manage metadata, create an application and add dimensions and members. You'll also learn how to import members, load data, set up security, create data forms, set up task lists and create business rules.

Oracle Hyperion Planning Course Content

Hyperion Financial Management (Detailed Curriculum)

Module 1: Introduction to Planning

  • Planning Overview
  • Planning Architecture Overview
  • Planning Business Process Overview
  • Planning Business Scenario

Module 2: Navigating Workspace

  • Workspace Overview
  • Launching Workspace
  • Opening Applications
  • Navigating in Planning

Module 3: Dimensions Overview

  • Plan Types
  • Planning Dimensions
  • Data Block Creation Process
  • Aggregation, Storage, and Calculation Options

Module 4: Creating and Managing Dimensions in Performance Management Architect

  • Navigating Performance Management Architect
  • Managing Dimensions
  • Creating Members in Dimension Library
  • Managing Members
  • Creating Associations Between Dimensions
  • Organizing Shared Library
  • Working with Grid Editor

Module 5: Importing Metadata

  • Metadata Load Options
  • Formatting Metadata Load Files
  • Creating Import Profiles
  • Staging Metadata with Interface Tables
  • ERP Integrator Metadata Load Process
  • Importing Metadata with Lifecycle Management

Module 6: Creating Applications

  • Methods for Creating Appliations
  • Application Creation Process
  • Application Criteria
  • Creating Appliations with Application Creation Wizard
  • Adding Dimensions from Shared Library

Module 7: Setting Up Alias, Period, Year, Scenario, Version, and Currency Dimensions

  • Creating Aliases
  • Customizing Time Periods
  • Creating Scenarios
  • Defining Versions
  • Adding Currencies

Module 8: Setting Up Entity and Account Dimensions

  • Entities Overview
  • Adding and Modifying Entities
  • Accounts Overview
  • Account Types
  • Saved Assumptions
  • Data Types and Exchange Rates
  • Creating Account Hierarchies
  • Consolidation Order

Module 9: Creating User-Defined Elements

  • User-Defined Dimensions
  • Adding Attributes
  • Creating Member Formulas
  • Adding User-Defined Attributes
  • Working with Smart Lists

Module 10: Deploying Applications

  • Deployment Process
  • Preparing Applications for Deployment
  • Validating Applications
  • Deploying Applications to a Planning Server
  • Redeploying Applications
  • Setting Planning Properties

Module 11: Provisioning Users and Groups for Planning

  • Planning Security Overview
  • User and Group Provisioning Overview
  • Provisioning Users and Groups
  • Generating Provisioning Reports

Module 12: Customizing Data Forms

  • Data Form Customization
  • Exporting and Importing Data Forms
  • Creating Menus
  • Creating Formula Rows and COlumns
  • Building Validation Rules
  • Setting Up Custom Messaging
  • Specifying Advanced Settings
  • Setting Up User Preferences

Module 13: Creating and Managing Business Rules

  • Business Rules Overview
  • Assigning Business Rule Security
  • Launching Calculation Manager
  • Setting Up Business Rules
  • Validating and Deploying Business Rules
  • Launching Business Rules
  • Creating, Validating, and Deploying Rulesets
  • Creating Business Rule Variables and Formulas

Module 14: Managing the Approval Process

  • Planning Unit Process States
  • Reviewer Actions
  • Impact of Entity Hierarchy on the Approval Process
  • Managing the Review Cycle
  • Copying Data Between Versions
  • Copying Relational Data for Dimensional Intersections
  • Clearing Cell Details

Module 15: Setting Up Classic Applications

  • Classic Planning Application Set Up Process
  • Building Dimension Hierarchies
  • Setting Up Attributes
  • Creating Alias Tables
  • Smart List Creation Process
  • Setting Up UDAs
  • Loading Metadata and Data into Classic Applications
  • Exporting and Importing Data Forms

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