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This Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX) training from Multisoft will introduce you all essential topics that you have to think about Oracle's essential tool for creating web applications with SQL and PL/SQL. This course is intended for new clients to Application Express.

You will begin by learning out how to introduce and oversee APEX, at that point hop into learning the nuts and bolts of developing applications and pages. This course proceeds with teaching all of you about structures, reports, and diagrams, formats, and topics.

When you have finished this computer based training, you will have a principal comprehension of how to utilize Oracle Application Express for your own particular improvement projects.

Target Audience
  • Oracle users of all levels
  • Application Developers
  • System Analysts
  • Project Manager
  • Forms Developer
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Web and Database Administrator

The candidates having familiar information of Oracle database architecture and administration are the ideal participants to join this course. 

  • Basic knowledge of SQL, PL/SQL, and HTML
  • It is good if you have prior introductory knowledge of Oracle Database: SQL and PL/SQL Fundamentals Ed 2

1. Product Overview

  • Intended for new developers or seasoned developers looking to fill in some of their knowledge gaps of APEX components.
  • How to use the new 5.0 page designer and shortcuts it provides
  • How to approach APEX application development
  • APEX architecture and installation decisions
  • How to manage workspaces and applications
  • Efficiently navigating Application Express user interface
  • How to find specific components in a large application
  • Run and modify an application

2. SQL Workshop

  • How to manage database objects using The Object Browser
  • Build queries declaratively using the Query Builder
  • Executing adhoc SQL and PL/SQL statements using SQL Commands
  • Create scripts to execute multiple related commands
  • Define user interface defaults to save time when creating forms and reports 

3. Utilities

  • Import and export data in many formats(CSV, TEXT, XML)
  • Understand the health of your instance by using Database Monitor
  • Streamline deployment scripts by generating schema object DDL
  • Extra reports and utilities for modifying components in bulk.

4. Application Builder

  • Create an application based on a spreadsheet
  • Create an application from scratch
  • Review and edit application objects
  • Quickly navigate the builder by using the Developer Toolbar
  • How to report and chart SQL statements
  • Page rendering and processing overview
  • Create a form and associated report

5. Creating Pages

  • Creating and modifying a page
  • Assigning pages to groups
  • The Page Definition screen and new 5.0 page designer mode
  • Different page types ranging from reports, forms, and calendars
  • How to perform an action using page processing

6. Regions and Items

  • Create and modify a region
  • Understanding the different region types
  • Create and modify buttons
  • Create and modify items
  • Understand the different item types
  • Conditionally display and run components
  • Customize queries to provide search filters and change display attributes
  • Download the report to a CSV file

7. Page Processing

  • How to validate form input
  • Use computations to intelligently modify input
  • Control page flow with branches
  • Gain understanding of APEX URL structure
  • Understanding the relationship between items and session state
  • Introduction to debugging an application

8. Shared Components

  • Create a list of links for better quality of life for users
  • Understand the relationship between breadcrumb component and breadcrumb region
  • Save commonly used look up values using Lists of values(LOVs)
  • How to organize user navigation using Tabs, navigation bar, breadcrumbs and lists
  • Create processes that perform work for every page
  • Create items for tracking global values suck as USER_ID or PREVIOUS_PAGE
  • Avoid hard coding values by using shortcuts
  • Discuss the possibility of web services

9. Themes and Templates

  • Understand how to user the theme repository
  • Learn about the relationship between components and templates
  • How to effectively manage templates using the Subscription model
  • Brief intro to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) 

10. Other Page and Region Types

  • Interactive reports
  • Charts for visualizing many data elements
  • Calendars for organizing data by day/week/month
  • Display hierarchical data such as an org char using a tree region
  • Understand the usefulness of the APEX Global Page(Page Zero) for displaying the same content on multiple pages

11. Utilities and Reporting

  • Understand where to find the translation tool
  • How to manage developer files(CSS, JS, and Images)
  • Exporting and importing 

12. Advanced Development Techniques

  • Identify users using Authentication schemes
  • Define user roles with Authorization schemes
  • Security concerns and how to prevent threats(Cross Site Scripting, SQL Injection)
  • Prevent URL tampering with Session State Protection
  • Introduction to using AJAX 

13. Administration and Deploying An Application

  • How to prepare applications for deployment
  • Understand Application Express management tools(users, logs, preferences)
  • Provision workspaces to organize applications
  • Define application models for standardizing application creation

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