Oracle Identity Manager 11g R2: Essentials Training

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Oracle Identity Manager 11g R2 Training enables all the essential aspects that help the candidates in preparing for Oracle Identity Manager 11g R2 Certification Exams. The training includes session management and single sign on and proves to be helpful in making the candidates understand configuring, installing, and registering Webgates, creating authorization and authentication policies to secure resources.

After attending Oracle Identity Manager 11g R2 Training Course, the candidates would be able to:

  • Understand the management procedure of  authorization policies in Oracle Identity Manager
  • Understand the procedure of troubleshoot  Oracle Identity Manager
  • The Identity Governance infrastructure and the suite of Oracle Identity Management products
  • Understand Two types of reconciliation workflows: authoritative reconciliation and account reconciliation
  • The relationship that Oracle Identity Manager has with several Oracle Identity Management products
  • Comprehending the OAM overall architecture
  • Comprehending  the OAM run-time architecture
  • Classify the key OAM 11g R2 new features
  • Understand the extensibility APIs to create Custom Authentication plugins
  • Define what Multifactor authentication is?
  • Define how to create and manage organizations, roles, and users
  • Understand the procedure of Manual and automated provisioning workflows
Target audience
  • System Administrator
  • Technical Administrator
  • Technical Consultant
  • Business Analysts
  • End Users
  • Functional Implementer
  • Sales Consultants
  • Support Engineer

The candidates should fulfill the prerequisite criteria of Oracle Identity Manager 11g R2 Training Course:

  • General awareness of Oracle WebLogic Server 11g and Oracle Database 11g
  • High-level understanding of ADF, SOA, BPEL, and Jdeveloper

1. Introducing Oracle Identity Manager 11gR2

  • Objectives
  • Product Resources and References

2. Understanding Identity Management and Identity Governance

  • Identity Management: Overview, Importance, Benefits, Values
  • How Can Identity Management Help?
  • Identity Management: Terminology and Functions
  • Identity Governance: Infrastructure and Benefits
  • Oracle Identity Management Products
  • Oracle Identity Governance Suite: Overview and Features
  • Oracle Identity Manager Architecture
  • Installing and Configuring Oracle Identity Manager

3. Launching Oracle Identity Manager

  • Oracle WebLogic Server
  • Oracle Identity Manager Server Overview
  • SOA Server Overview
  • Oracle Identity Manager Interfaces
  • Accessing the Oracle Identity Manager Web Consoles
  • Design Console Overview
  • Oracle SOA Consoles Overview

4. Understanding Organizations, Roles, and Users

  • Oracle Identity Manager Users
  • Oracle Identity Manager Organizations, Roles, and Entity Relationships
  • Loading User and Role-Based Data with the Bulk Load Utility
  • Creating and Managing Users, Roles, and Organizations
  • Customizing and Saving Searches

5. Using Predefined Connectors (Initial Onboarding)

  • Oracle Identity Manager Connectors: Overview
  • Types of Oracle Identity Manager Connectors
  • Transferring Oracle Identity Manager Connectors
  • Using Oracle Identity Manager Connectors: Setup
  • Using Oracle Identity Manager Connectors: Run Time

6. Understanding Provisioning

  • Resources
  • Oracle Identity Manager Connectors
  • Differences Between Assigning Resources and Provisioning Resources
  • Assigning Resources to Users: Overview
  • Types of Provisioning
  • Using Criteria to Provision a Resource to a User

7. Requests

  • Understanding Requests
  • Deploying SOA Composites
  • Managing Approval Workflows
  • Creating Requests
  • Approving Requests
  • Accessing the Resource

8. Understanding Application Instances for Disconnected Resources

  • Application Instances
  • Disconnected Resources
  • Using Disconnected Resources

9. Understanding Reconciliation

  • Reconciliation and Provisioning
  • Authoritative and Account Reconciliation
  • Implementing Reconciliation Workflows

10. Understanding Oracle Identity Manager Security

  • Comparing Authorization and Authentication
  • Understanding Authorization Policies and Administrative Roles
  • Managing Administrative Roles

11. Managing Reports

  • Types of Reports
  • Configuring Oracle BI Publisher
  • Creating Reports
  • Customizing Reports

12. Auditing, Monitoring, and Logging for Oracle Identity Manager

  • What Is Auditing?
  • Oracle Identity Manager Audit Engine
  • What Is Monitoring?
  • What Is Logging?
  • Managing Auditing, Monitoring, and Logging

13. Customizing Oracle Identity Manager

  • Oracle Identity Manager Interfaces
  • Customizing an Interface
  • Branding the Identity Self Service Console
  • Modifying Functionality

14. Transferring Oracle Identity Manager Configurations

  • Deployment Manager Overview
  • Sandbox Overview
  • Exporting and Importing Configuration Data

15. Troubleshooting Oracle Identity Manager

  • The Diagnostic Dashboard
  • Troubleshooting Oracle Identity Manager

16. Integrating the Oracle Identity Governance Suite

  • Oracle Identity Governance Suite
  • Integration: Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle Privileged Account Manager
  • Integration: Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle Identity Analytics


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