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CAPM Certification - Project Cost Management Video Tutorial

Become a qualified and certified Project Manager with a globally recognized Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® certification, offered by Project Management Institute (PMI)® for Project Managers. This short Project Cost Management Video Tutorial gives you a sneak peek about the comprehensive training methodology implemented by Multisoft Systems to develop aspirants into world-class professionals with extensive CAPM training.

Risk and Risk Management PRINCE2® Training

PRINCE2® Risk and Risk Management video tutorial explains what and why of risks and its management. The video tutorials provided by Multisoft imparts proactive learning and lets you understand the full concept easily. Comprehensi...

16 min 33 sec

Project Stakeholder Management in PMP Training

This online sample of the Project Stakeholder Management covered under PMP training includes the description of stakeholders. Also, the management of project stakeholder processes, including identification, planning and management...

14 Min 14 Sec

Communication Management in CAPM Training

CAPM is one of the widely chosen course imparted at Multisoft Systems with the help of industry expert trainers. Under this teaser video, the candidates gets familiar with Project Communication Management processes including Commu...

11 min 09 sec

Working with Resources Primavera Training

Creating and Assigning Resources sample video provides you a sneak preview to Primavera course training. The sample teaser makes you acquaint with concept of resources and how they are created, assigned, and calculated. The Primav...

13 min 14 sec

PRINCE2® What is a Process Training

This What is Process? teaser provides you sneak preview to the actual PRINCE2® training conducted at Multisoft. In this video tutorial, you get acquainted with processes and its 7 types. You also learn PRINCE2® journey that incl...

20 min 50 sec

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