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Preface to the ISTQB Test Manager Training

The preface to the test manager training concludes the in-depth enlightenment to the course modules that has been tailored to provide all the knowledge from fundamental to the advanced level. It helps the test managers to understand the role of the stakeholders and implementation of the testing procedure efficiently.

Glimpse of ISTQB Testing Tools and Automation

This is to provide acquaintance with the tools of the ISTQB that are used in the testing procedure; the training offers an idea on how to select the testing tools both for automated and manual testing processes. Moreover, it is im...

8min 19sec

How to Execute ISTQB Ethics?

The expert trainers help the trainees to get familiarize with the execution ethics of the test management tools effectively. Moreover, they insight them on how to evaluate the testing process and control the testing actions as per...

8 min 30sec

Testing Fundamentals of ISTQB - Video Sample

This online video included under the Software Testing domain imparts the understanding of how Testing evolution took place, what are the different definitions of Software Testing that have evolved with time span; and the parameter...

7 min 56 sec

ISTQB Understanding Errors Training

In How errors occur and cost of errors? teaser video of ISTQB training, candidates get familiar with why errors occur and cost of errors concepts. After the completion of this software testing training, individuals will have in d...

10 min 35 sec

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