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Katalon Training Course Overview

Become Katalon expert with Katalon Online Training course from Multisoft Systems. Get exposed to all the features, capabilities and usage of Katalon application. Learn from certified industry experts, and avail globally accepted Multisoft Training Certificate.Master Katalon, a web-based all-in-one test automation software. Learn how to visualize test using the advanced capabilities and features of Katalon. Enrol today.

Katalon is test automation software that comes packed with bundles of advanced features and capabilities. In Katalon Online Training Course, students will discover all the attributes of Katalon and obtain the skills to manage, plan and execute tests in Katalon application. The course offered by Multisoft Virtual Academy will allow students to understand Katalon ecosystem right from the start and the how to exploit its functionalities to automate web applications, web services and mobile applications; how to efficiently utilize its advanced tools and templates to maintain test cases, custom keywords and object repository.

The course will allow students take a deep dive in all the aspects of Katalon application and understand the usage of in-built templates; integration to Git, Jenkins, Jira etc. and frameworks and how to efficiently use its features to speed-up the test case creation, while just focusing on the automation of the test scripts. You will also learn how to easily install and setup Katalon application. The application can be learned by non-programmers as well as those who have good programming skills and knowledge. You will not only learn how to drive test automation, but also generate intuitive reports. Carefully curated by a team of industry experts, who have years of experience under their belt, Katalon training course is designed for IT Engineers, Software developers, Project managers, Software Testers, Manual Testersm, Automation Testers and similar other profiles. This course will be taught with step by step approach, taking you through every touch point of Katalon learning journey.

Katalon Course Objective
  • Katalon Studio
  • Configuring Katalon Studio
  • Features of Katalon Studio
  • Create Automation Tests in Katalon Studio
  • Features of Test Suite Collection
  • Test Suite Report
Katalon Online Training
  • Recorded Videos After Training
  • Digital Learning Material
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • 24x7 After Training Support
Target Audience
  • IT Engineers
  • Software developers
  • Project managers
  • Software Testers
  • Manual Testers
  • Automation Testers
  • QA Engineers
  • QA Analysts
  • Manual tester who want to switch their career to automation testing
  • Fresher/Graduates who want to start their career in this field
  • Anyone who wants to learn Katalon Studio and test automation
Katalon Course Prerequisites
  • Basic knowledge on QA concepts and techniques.
  • Knowledge on SDLC, Test cases and Test automation, Groovy & Java Script languages
  • Basic knowledge on Software Testing concepts and techniques
Katalon Course Certification
  • Multisoft Systems will provide you with a training completion certificate after completion of Katalon Online Training Course.

Katalon Training Course Content

Module 1. Course Introduction & Getting Started

  • What is Katalon Studio
  • Why should you use this tool
  • What can you use Katalon Studio tool for

Module 2. Download & Setup

  • Software Pre-requisites
  • Hardware & Software configuration
  • How to setup Katalon Studio

Module 3. Explore GUI & Features

  • Tour of Katalon Studio GUI
  • Katalon Studio features
  • Settings & Preferences

Module 4. Create Automation Tests

  • Step by step guide to create automation tests in Katalon Studio
  • Different ways to create automation tests

Module 5. Modes in Katalon Studio

  • How to create tests in Record mode
  • How to create tests in Manual mode
  • How to create tests in Script mode

Module 6. Test Creation Demo

  • Use Katalon Studio to create sample Web UI tests
  • How to use 3 modes to create test scripts

Module 7. Test Suite

  • What is a Test Suite
  • How to create a Test Suite
  • Test Suite features
  • Test Suite execution

Module 8. Test Suite Collection

  • What is a Test Suite Collection
  • How to create a Test Suite Collection
  • Test Suite Collection features
  • Test Suite Collection execution

Module 9. Logs & Reports

  • Different types of test reports
  • Test Case logs
  •  Test Suite report
  • Test Suite Collection report

Module 10. How to Send Results via Email

  • Email configurations
  • Email templates
  • Send emails manually & automated
  • Samples & examples

Module 11. Katalon Analytics

  • What is Katalon Analytics
  • How to use Katalon Analytics

Module 12. Execution Environments

  • What is an Environment profile in Katalon Studio
  • How to create environment profiles
  • Practical examples of an execution environment

Module 13. Katalon Recorder

  • What is Katalon Recorder
  • How to use Katalon Recorder
  • Practical examples of Katalon Recorder

Module 14. Record & Spy on Existing Browser

  • Object Spy (Web)
  • How to continue recording on an existing test case
  • Practical example

Module 15. Work with Web Objects & Locators

  • Best Practices for Web Objects identifications
  • Object locators & strategies

Module 16. Headless Browsers

  • What is a headless browser
  • Types of headless browsers supported by Katalon Studio
  • How to run tests in headless mode

Module 17. Command Line Runs

  • What is Command line run or console mode execution
  • How to generate command line execution command
  • How to execute tests from command line

Module 18. How to Refer & Re-use Test Cases

  • How to call a test case from another test case
  • Practical example

Module 19. Get Data from External Sources

  • How to get data from Excel or CSV files
  • How to refer values
  • How to iterate data sources

Module 20. Checkpoints

  • What are Checkpoints in Katalon Studio
  • How to create & run checkpoints

Module 21. Katalon Store & Katalon Plugins

  • What is Katalon Store
  • What are Katalon Plugins
  • Types of Plugins (Free & Paid)
  • Demo on how to install Katalon Plugins
  • How to use these plugins for automation
  • Plugins–Basic Report, Smart XPath, Gmail

Module 22. Debugging & Troubleshooting

  • How to debug tests
  • Console mode
  • Logs Viewer
  • Event Log
  • Breakpoints
  • Step by Step troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting tips

Module 23. Failure Handling

  • How to do failure handling in Katalon Studio
  • Default failure handling
  • Stepwise failure handling

Module 24. Custom Keywords

  • What are Custom Keywords
  • How to create Custom Keywords

Module 25. Videos & Screenshots

  • How to capture test failure screenshots
  • How to record execution video

Module 26. How to use Variables

  • Private Variables
  • Local Variables
  • Global Variables

Module 27. Listeners

  • What is a Test Listener
  • How to create setup and teardown for test cases
  • What are setup and teardown
  • How to use setup and teardown for test suites

Module 28. API Testing

  • How to use Katalon Studio for API testing
  • API Testing Basics
  • API Testing features
  • How to create and run API tests
  • How to validate API responses
  • How to get values from API response
  • How to create complete API validation tests

Module 29. SOAP Web Services Testing with Katalon Studio

  • Introduciton to SOAP
  • Practical examples to test SOAP web-services using Katalon Studio
  • Step by step guide

Module 30. REST Web Services Testing with Katalon Studio

  • Introduction to REST
  • Practical examples to test REST web-services using Katalon Studio
  • Step by step guide

Module 31. Handling HTTP Verbs/Methods

  • Introduction to HTTP Methods/Verbs
  • How to handle a GET API request in Katalon Studio
  • How to handle a POST API request in Katalon Studio
  • How to handle a PUT API request in Katalon Studio
  • How to handle a DELETE API request in Katalon Studio
  • How to find values in XML & JSON responses

Module 32. API Tests in Test Suite & Test Suite Collection

  • How to run API tests in a Test Suite
  • How to run API tests in a Test Suite Collection
  • API Testing report
  • Test Suite report
  • Test Suite Collection report

Module 33. Miscellaneous

  • How to handle alerts messages using Katalon Studio
  • Solving wait-time issue
  • Exploring Keywords (Web UI, Custom Keywords, Utils)
  • Delay Execution
  • Settings-Preferences
  • Exception Handling
  • Conditional Statements
  • Windows Desktop Apps Testing
  • Testing iFrames
  • Visual validations using Applitools plugin
  • File Upload testing
  • File Download testing
  • Conditional clicks on Sign Up or Login buttons


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Katalon Training FAQ's

Katalon Studio is a test automation tool used for automating websites, mobile applications and web services. It comes packed with features like, record & playback and manual mode to allow non-programmers create automation test cases with ease and more efficiency. It also offers script mode for users with progarmming expertise.

Custom keywords enable flexible integration of additional keywords to test the AUT efficiently, for categorical and involute testing purposes.

The cross-browser tool in Katalon application supports Web, mobile, Windows desktop, and API testing, which go with recording and analytics modules offering a comprehensive testing solution.

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