6 Weeks Industrial Training in Ethical Hacking

Project based six weeks industrial training in ethical hacking is a comprehensive course focusing on imbibing the skills required to safeguard the enterprise network against any security vulnerabilities and threats.

This ethical hacking course is designed with an objective to educate and prepare you to become an important asset for the organization of any domain. In the information age, the organizations ranging from small to medium size manage data electronically, promote themselves online and communicate over the web. The exchange of data must crucially be secure and here an IT security professional role come into the picture. During the industrial training, you will learn how to scan networks, work on denial of service, perform session hijacking. The expert will guide you in the process of hacking webservers, web applications, and wireless networks. Moreover, you will get hands-on practice on the techniques of protecting the system from Trojans, backdoors, viruses, worms, sniffers and also the ways to destroy them. Penetration testing and cryptography is also covered during this training program.

Multisoft Systems training pattern will impart in-depth knowledge and you will inculcate the skills demanded by an IT security professional.

All the industrial training courses can also be delivered through online training.

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