4/6 Weeks Industrial Training in Python

Get started now with Python training and learn the fundamentals of this popular development language. Python is considered to be an efficient and fast programming language to learn. It is easy to write codes in Python, as written in plain English and errors appear at runtime. For these advantages, Python is considered as a good scripting language for web applications, for supporting the design and maintenance of the complex applications.

The course covers an introduction to Python focusing on its features and installation on different operating systems. How to create a source file using editor is explained during the training. In support of examples the programming basics, data types, operators, expressions, and control statements are also explained. The course lays emphasis on the need, creation, and usage of functions, modules, data structures, input/output and file handling.

On the completion of the training you will be comfortable in applying the concepts for developing real-life applications. Python is widely used in the web application, information security industry, and Business Analytics industry and more. So you have many job opportunities open after the successful completion of this training.

All the industrial training courses can also be delivered through online training.

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