Project-based 6 Months Industrial Training in Oracle 10g / 11g DBA

Multisoft offers project-based 6 months industrial training in Oracle 10g and 11g DBA, which is one of the most sought-after programs by academic institutions. Owing to the increasing demand for Database Administrators (DBA), predicted to grow at a rate of 20% per year until 2022, this training becomes highly beneficial. This holds true more because it is project-based, where students work on live scenarios and gain the confidence of entering the professional world.

10g and 11g are the recent versions of Oracle’s database administration packages that help businesses effectively store enterprise information. It is known to reduce management costs while offering high quality services. Participants attending this training gain expertise in developing operational databases; effectively managing various structures; conducting performance monitoring; and ensuring database security.

This industrial training is all the more important because it prepares students for the first level Oracle credential, i.e. Oracle Certified Associate.

The complete course module of Multisoft project-based 6 months industrial training in Oracle 10g and 11g DBA is listed below:

  • Oracle 10g Database Administration Workshop 1
    • Introduction (Database Architecture)
    • Installing the Oracle Database Software
    • Creating an Oracle Database
    • Managing the Oracle Instance
    • Managing Database Storage Structures
    • Administering User Security
    • Managing Schema Objects
    • Managing Undo Data
    • Implementing Oracle Database Security
    • Configuring the Oracle Network Environment
    • Proactive Maintenance
    • Performance Management
    • Use the SQL Access Advisor
    • Backup and Recovery Concepts
    • Performing Database Backups
    • Performing Database Recovery
    • Performing Flashback
    • Moving Data
    • Use Data Pump Export and Import to move data between Oracle databases
  • Oracle Database 10g: Administration Workshop 2
    • Introduction
    • Configuring Recovery Manager
    • Using Recovery Manager to connect a target database in default NOCATALOG mode
    • Using Recovery Manager
    • Oracle Secure Backup
    • Recovering from Non‐critical Losses
    • Incomplete Recovery
    • Recovering a Control File Autobackup
    • Flashback
    • Dealing with Database Corruption
    • Monitoring and Managing Memory
    • Automatic Performance Management
    • Monitoring and Managing Storage I
    • Monitoring and Managing Storage II
    • Automatic Storage Management
    • VLDB Support
    • Managing Resources
    • Automating Tasks with the Scheduler
    • Database Security
    • Transparent Data Encryption
    • Data Movement
    • Using Globalization Support
    • Workshop
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