Summer Internship/Training in Machine Learning with Python Programming Language

Machine Learning (ML) is an important branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that enables computers and computer-based systems to learn from their experience and take autonomous decisions based on such learning, without any explicit command. ML makes use of intelligent algorithms to learn from its environment, just like human beings. Machine Learning is a popular technology today and it is used for various applications such as smart-home management, getting traffic directions, surveillance, social media promotions, cybersecurity, search engine results refining, e-commerce, and even more. The industries that are the major providers of jobs in the machine learning field include Healthcare, Retail, Finance, Automotive, Manufacturing, Transportation, and Advertising, among others. The companies that hire for ML roles pay really impressive pay packets to the candidates possessing specialized machine learning qualifications.

The Machine Learning with Python course offered by Multisoft Systems will dive into the fundamentals of machine learning using an easily comprehensible and widely-popular programming language, Python. This course will impart knowledge to the learners about Machine Learning as an advanced technology, real-life applications of ML, and the various algorithms used by ML. The training will be provided by expert trainers from the industry, who will dispel all your doubts about this discipline. This qualification will certainly add much more value to your resume.

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