Summer Internship/Training in VLSI Programming Language

There was a time when computers required a whole air-conditioned room for performing some calculations, but now times have changed. Today’s computers are much smaller, faster, and efficient; thanks to the advent of microchips and miniaturization technologies. VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) is the latest level of computer microchip miniaturization that enables the integration of hundreds of thousands of transistors on a single silicon semiconductor microchip. VLSI is the successor to Large Scale Integration (LSI), Medium Scale Integration (MSI) and Small Scale Integration (SSI) technologies. Today, VLSI is one of the most extensively used technologies for integrated circuits (IC), microchip processors, and embedded component designing. With the increasing popularity of the VLSI technology, many impressive career opportunities are mushrooming in this field.

The VLSI training course offered by Multisoft Systems equips the learners with the necessary knowledge and skills in this discipline. The main topics covered under this training are VLSI Designing Architecture, VLSI Designing, Fundamentals of Digital Design, Sequential Logic Design Principles, and MUX based design for digital circuits, to name a few. Multisoft brings together one of the most seasoned trainers in the industry, and state-of-the-art infrastructure and resources, to impart world-class training to the students. You can count on this training to move ahead in your career!

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