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A cross platform JavaScript Library, JQuery has become a highly preferred platform for UI developers to ease the client-side HTML scripting. For developers looking to become proficient in UI development, the comprehensive JQuery training at Multisoft Systems will enhance their concepts in fundamental concepts, including JQuery DOM Traversing, Effects, vents API, as well as advanced topics such as Mobile, UI, Widgets and more.

Through JQuery Course, the candidates will be imparted with complete support, throughout the JQuery training in Noida, covering the whole subject. The expert trainers will provide practical enhancement of skills pertaining to latest technological requirements.

Upon the completion of JQuery certification training in Noida, the candidates will become proficient in the following skills:

  • Understand JQuery Library (Basic and Advanced methods)
  • Build UI Projects
  • Develop Web Pages
  • Use JQuery Events, Widgets and Mobile
  • Create Mobile and Web Apps by applying JQuery Library
  • Working on real-time UI
Target audience

This course is ideal for candidates looking for JQuery certification to enhance their web development skills.


Aspirants opting for this course should have basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

1. Getting Ready

  • Putting JQuery In Context
  • HTML Primer
  • CSS Primer

2. Working with JQuery

  • JavaScript Primer
  • The JQuery Basics
  • Managing the Element Selection
  • Manipulating the DOM
  • Manipulating the Elements
  • Working with Events
  • Using JQuery Effects

3. Working with Data and Ajax

  • Using Data Templates
  • Working with Forms
  • Using Ajax

4. Using jQuery UI

  • Setting Up JQuery UI
  • Using the Button, Progress Bar, and Slider Widgets
  • Using the Autocomplete and Accordion Widgets
  • Using the Tabs Widget
  • Using the Datepicker Widget
  • Using the Dialog Widget
  • Using the Drag & Drop Interactions
  • Using the Other Interactions

5. Using JQuery Mobile

  • Getting Started with JQuery Mobile
  • Pages and Navigation
  • Dialogs, Themes, and Layouts
  • Buttons and Collapsible Blocks
  • Using JQuery Mobile Forms
  • JQuery Mobile Lists

6. Advanced Features

  • Using the JQuery Utility Methods
  • The jQuery UI Effects & CSS Framework
  • Using Deferred Objects

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