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Get a thorough understanding of MariaDB (or MySQL) database using SQL commands if you aspire to achieve great success in the field of MariaDB development. Multisoft Systems boasts an open invitation for you if you want to learn the basics of MariaDB to strengthen your position in the job market. This training is designed by the MariaDB experts to impart the ability for building applications, handling data, and understanding the concepts of database structures in MariaDB. We are backed by industry-expert trainers and committed to delivering the MariaDB for Developers Training through interactive learning sessions.

Upon the completion of this course, the candidates will be able to:

  • Understanding the basics of MariaDB and Installation of MariaDB
  • Understanding the functions in MariaDB
  • Understanding the structures in MariaDB
  • Handling data in MariaDB and building applications
  • Understand the concepts of Database structures in MariaDB
Target Audience
  • IT Developers
  • Application Developers
  • No defined prerequisites are required for pursuing this course.

Module 1: The Software Installation

Installing MYSQL and MariaDB

  • The installation Packages
  • Licensing
  • Finding the software
  • Choosing a Distribution
  • The_AMP Alternatives
  • Post installation

The Basics and the mysqlClient

  • The mysql Client
  • Connecting to the server
  • Starting to explore Databases

Module 2: The Database Structures used in MariaDB

Creating Databases and Tables

  • Creating a Database
  • Create tables
  • Inserting the data
  • Examples

Altering tables

  • Prudence when altering table
  • Essential changes
  • Optional changes
  • Indexes
  • Examples

Module 3: Basics on handling data

Inserting data

  • The syntaxs
  • Real-time exampless
  • Other possibilitiess
  • Examples s

Selecting data

  • Basic selection
  • Selecting by criteria
  • Ordering results
  • Limiting results
  • Combining tables
  • Expressions and the like
  • Counting and grouping results
  • Examples

Updating and deleting data

  • Updating data
  • Deleting the data
  • Examples

Joining and Subquerying Data

  • Merging Results
  • Joining Tables
  • Subqueries
  • Examples

Module 4: Built-in functions

String Functions

  • Formatting Strings
  • Extracting Text
  • Searching Strings and Using Lengths
  • Converting String Types
  • Compression String
  • Examples

Date and Time Functions

  • Date and Time Data types
  • Current Date and Time
  • Extracting Date and Time components
  • Formatting dates
  • Adjusting to standards and TimeZones
  • Adding and subtracting Dates and Time
  • Comparing Dates and times
  • Examples

Aggregate and Numeric Functions

  • Aggregate functions
  • Numeric functions
  • Examples

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