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The Comprehensive HBase Training  throws light on the HBase NoSQL database and make the candidates learn how to apply it to store Big Data. The Comprehensive HBase course modules include an introduction to the Non-relational database, how NoSQL differs from traditional database system, comparison of HBase with HDFS and in-depth knowledge of Apache HBase. Moreover,  the training on HBase shows how HBase stores data in a Hadoop cluster. The candidates would get to learn how to load data in HBase from various tools such as: Pig, Hive, Sqoop, etc.

After completing the Comprehensive HBase Training the candidates would be able to:

  • Perform Data Analytics using HBase
  • Understand the HBase Architecture and Components   
  • Understand the tight integration between HBase and HDFS
  • Apply Zookeeper to monitor clusters
  • Implement HBase in HDFS
Target audience
  • BI /ETL/DW Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • Testing Professionals
  • Mainframe Professionals
  • Analytics Professionals
  • Graduates aiming to build a career in Big Data and Hadoop

To enroll for the Comprehensive HBase course, the candidates should the basic knowledge of Core Java along with an exposure to NoSQL databases will be helpful.

1. Getting started with HBase

  • What is Big Data
  • Apache Hadoop
  • HDFS in Hadoop
  • Hadoop MapReduce
  • What is HBase

2. NoSQL and Basic Concepts

  • What is NoSQL and its features
  • How NoSQL DB differs from Traditional Databases
  • Characteristics of Apache HBase
  • Comparison of HBase with HDFS
  • When to use HBase, where Not!

3. HBase Data Model

  • Building Blocks
  • Column Family in HBase
  • Storage of Column Family
  • Data Model in HBase
  • Timestamp as Versions

4. HBase DDL, DML and Other Commands

  • Getting Started with HBase Shell
  • DDL in HBase
  • DML in HBase

5. Architecture and Working of HBase

  • Core Components of HBase Cluster
  • Need of Zookeeper
  • Client Interaction with HBase Cluster
  • HBase Bloom Filters
  • Write-Ahead Log
  • Compactions in HBase

6. Bulk Loading Data in HBase

  • Load Data in HBase using Apache PIG
  • Load Data in HBase using Apache HIVE
  • Importing of MySQL data in HBase using Sqoop

7. Filters in HBase

  • What is Filter
  • Filters in HBase

8. CRUD operations in HBase via Java API

  • Basic operations in HBase using Java API -I  
  • Basic operations in HBase using Java API - II
  • Basic operations in HBase using Java API- III

9. Counters in HBase

  • Implementing Counter Using Java API
  • Single Counter Using Java API
  • Multiple Counters Using Java API

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