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SAP HYBRIS is an ecommerce software which enables consumers to sell products is the market effectively. It helps in the formation of mobile friendly content and gives customized consistent experience on every device to the users. Organizations adopting SAP HYBRIS are capable of using work flow in several tools and provide an easy management to custom content for user interface components. SAP Hybris training is a program that is intended to help you become a master in using Hybris and understands all the concepts that are required to develop solution for e-commerce management data management and order management. The training program will give you a deep insight of Hybris solution and you will know how SAP Hybris is rebuilding CEC as a new software category beyond traditional CRM. During the training program, you will:
  • Learn to integrate SAP Hybris Cloud with SAP ERP
  • Gain the in depth knowledge of the connectivity strategy for your Cloud project
  • Know to define SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer configuration while integrating with SAP CRM
  • Execute mutual integration scenario
  • Understand the steps of SAP CRM configuration
  • Extend integration scenarios
The training program is an ideal start for professionals who want to gain in depth knowledge of the Hybris concepts.  Web developers will be benefited from availing the deep knowledge of the Hybris platform marketing platform enriched websites. SAP HYBRIS training in Noida aims to give aspirants a good understanding of the full scope of the technical implementation of Hybris architecture, its technologies and integrated features. The training program is suitable for the targeted audience like:
  • QA Experts
  • Technical consultants
  • Business stakeholders
  • Business Analysts
  • IT Professionals
  • Software Architects
  • Aspirants who want to extend their career in advanced tools

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