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SAP Hybris Training is for the candidates, who wish to gain acquaintance on the concepts of the Hybris (developer and Functional). The SAP Hybris course is designed to make an encounter with the complete end-to-end commerce process as as well other fundamentals of the developer and functional concepts. Through this SAP Hybris certification training, the candidates learn how to set up the development environment, what is Hybris Management Console, what is Commerce Management, Data Integration, Channel Management and other concepts. The intelligence on the Hybris concepts helps the candidates in building a better career in the industry.

After completing this SAP Hybris training, the candidates would be able to:

  • Develop the realization on short time-to-value and reduce TCO with a pre-built Web shop template
  • Learn what is the maximize conversions and revenue by delivering an easy, engaging shopping experience
  • Learn how to reduce selling costs by extending sales to more affordable online channels
  • Learn how to support the complete end-to-end commerce process by integrating with SAP CRM and SAP ERP
  • How to deliver the cross-channel experience – whether in-store, online, via social networks, or from mobile devices?
Target Audience
  • Developer
  • SAP Consultant
  • Full stack developer

The candidates should be aware of the primary programing intelligence.

SAP Hybris Developer Training

1. Introduction

  • Hybris Product Introduction, Overview of the Technical architecture, hybris Support,E-Commerce Concepts, Core Concepts of E-Commerce Functionality

2. Setting Up a Development Environment

  • Installing hybris Multichannel Suite, Build Framework, Basic Configuration
  • Hybris Server and Spring Source to Server, hybris Administration Console, Eclipse Integration

3. Getting Started with Concepts and Model

  • Introducing hybris Type System (Data Modeling), RelationsTutorial: Developing a Data Model
  • Flexible Search, Advanced (Saved) Queries

4. Hybris Management Console

  • Overview of the hybris Management Console, Functional Overview, Storing Layout Configuration,

5. Security

  • User Accounts (Principals),Restrictions, Type Based Access Rights, Spring Integration
  • Architecture of the Service Layer, Services and Strategies, Models, Hybris Software Developer

6. Automated Task Management & Import and Export

  • Introducing Cron Job & Implementation with Jalo Layer, ImpEx functional overview
  • ImpEx syntax overview, Performing imports and exports (hAC, hMC, API)

7. Functional Overview

  • Security, Extending the Service Layer, Introducing Interceptors, Introduction Events,
  • Tutorial: Extending Service Layer (Lucky Number Shop)

SAP Hybris Functional Training

1. Business Analysis

  • Role of business analyst, Key responsibilities of business analyst
  • Overview of different techniques that can be used for business analysis, such as SWOT analysis and MOSCOW
  • Introduction to the hybris project delivery framework, Methodology
  • Tools (code quality, DevOps, Environments), Project org, Production cutover

2. Accelerators

  • Introduction to the Accelerator concept
  • Key features and technology behind the hybris Accelerators

3. Hybris Basics

  • Guided path to installing and configuring a local instance of hybris
  • Hybris architecture from a business perspective (modules, extensions, addons)
  • A typical system architecture based on hybris
  • Introduction to the GUIs: hMC, Cockpits and hAC
  • Introduction to the Cockpit NG framework
  • Security and user management
  • Workflow management and the hybris business process engine
  • Process automation via Cronjobs
  • Reporting: hybris Report Cockpit and integration with iReport Designer
  • Localization & Internationalization

4. Data Integration

  • Data integration landscape and legacy systems
  • Hybris type system and hybris data
  • Solutions for systems migration: ImpEx
  • Solutions for systems co-existence: data hub, hot folders, scheduled ImpEx

5. Content Management

  • Product modelling (classifications and variants), Product Cockpit
  • Catalog Management, Web Content Management, WCMS Cockpit

6. Commerce Management

  • Commerce Basics: introduction to commerce functionality delivered – OOTB
  • Search and Navigation, Advanced Personalization, Promotions and Vouchers
  • B2B specific functionality, Commerce Infrastructure Services
  • Payment, Subscriptions and Bundling

7. Order Management

  • Order Management Module, Order Management Services
  • Sourcing Overview ,Workflows in Order Management Service, Availability to Sell (ATS)

8. Channel Management

  • Mobile Capabilities, InStore Application, Customer Service Functionality, Print Capabilities

9. Introduction to hybris-SAP Solution Integration

  • Overview, Architecture, Asynchronous Integration Architecture
  • Synchronous Integration Architecture, Modules and Extensions, Configuration

10. Introduction to hybris-SAP Marketing solution

  • Planning, Recommendation, Campaign, Segmentation, Channel, Accelerators Installation using ant
  • Accelerators Installation using recipe, Creating new extension &, configuring
  • Creating new module & configuring, Product cockpit, CMS cockpit, Backoffice, hMC, hAC

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