Career Opportunities After Obtaining The ITIL 4 Certification!

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Service in any industry brings value and helps the company become customer oriented. Customer-oriented IT organizations often struggle with costs, ROI (return on Investment), TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), controlling of changes, lack of efficiency, etc. These companies need a methodology like ITIL that standardizes the selection, delivery, planning, and maintenance of IT services within a business. It aims at improving efficiency and achieving predictable service delivery. ITIL professionals serve different roles, like directly interacting with people or dealing directly with the technology. Some are also related to services and processes. ITIL 4 training is a great choice for ITSM (IT Service Management) professionals who want to learn this modernized framework, along with changing ITSM practices.

ITIL 4 represents a modern relationship with ITSM. It fills in the gaps where ITIL V3 lagged behind like relevance in the ever-changing worlds of business and IT. There is a slight change in the certification path as well. Once you acquire the ITIL 4 Foundation certification, you can move on to:

  • ITIL Specialist
  • ITIL Specialist
  • ITIL Specialist
  • ITIL Strategist
  • ITIL Leader

With the growing importance of IT in businesses, it has become more than just another tool.  IT is enabling modern businesses to drive core strategies as well as standard functions like customer service, troubleshooting and e-commerce. One of the strongest strengths of ITIL 4 is that it understands the changing worlds of business and technology. ITIL 4 Foundation training not only familiarizes professionals with the insight and terminology, but also provides a huge boost to collaboration and communication between employees. Companies trust ITIL 4 certified professionals because they are capable of providing higher-quality services and reducing any downtime or dissatisfaction caused by errors.

ITIL 4 certified professionals are eligible for various job profiles, including people facing roles, technology facing roles, and other roles. People facing roles are service desk job, business relationship manager, and supplier relationship manager. As the name suggests, these roles are the point of contact between the services being provided and the users. Relationship managers wear several hats, and they are responsible for maintaining a positive relationship between the service provider and the customer. On the other hand, technology facing roles like incident manager are responsible for the coordination of the incident management process. Another interesting role in this category is enterprise architect. An enterprise architect is the one who designs secure technology architectures to meet all the current and anticipated future IT requirements of the organization. Some of the other roles for ITIL professionals are strategy analyst, finance analyst, demand analyst, service portfolio and catalogue manager, service delivery manager, etc.

Multisoft Systems offers ITIL 4 training program to give excellent guidance on the latest iteration of the world’s most popular ITSM framework to the candidates. They have been in the training industry for long, and their certified trainers make sure that the candidates get thorough understanding of the subject.


About the author: Nisha Negi is a Technical Content Writer at Multisoft Systems. She writes blog posts and articles on various technical subjects. She is an experienced IT professional, and bears immense knowledge of the latest technology. She stays current with all the ongoing and upcoming certifications. Her way of expression is contemporary and crisp.


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