Desirable, but data scientists are hard-to-find

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Most of the developing countries lack data science skills, and the organizations find it difficult to get enough data scientists for their unoccupied positions. The demand for technology and data science skills is mounting as the demand for business skills is lessening across the globe. More than 60% of the world’s population are not carrying essential skills in data science, even though the developed countries are giving us better pictures. Quite surprisingly, 90% of the developing countries lack data scientists. Let’s find the availability of technology and data science skills in some countries here.

Country Technology skills Data Science skills
Germany 90% 90%
Netherlands 83% 81%
United States 63% 75%
United Kingdom 68% 86%
India 27% 15%
Japan 37% 19%
Indonesia 10% 14%
Pakistan 2% 2%

The countries like India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have talented workforces concentrated in the cosmopolitan cities. Owing to the inequality among sub-regions, Germany, Netherlands, and the United States are having higher ratios than the global rankings.

”In the US and Europe, the talk is that everybody should learn coding. I think that can be the ease for our country as well,” said former Microsoft India Chairman, Ravi Venkatesan. ”Our teachers are already overburdened and adding programming to their to-do list is not going to improve things. We need to start with select schools, places with outstanding teachers, and rope in skilled volunteers who can get into training. After all, it is not about trumping up numbers,” said IIT-Bangalore Director, S Sadagopan. Here we go with the Data Scientist job postings per 1 million postings on Indeed.


Year Month Job postings
2016 December 570
2017 March 610
June 680
September 720
December 780
2018 March 810
June 830
September 900
December 1020

Data Scientists can work as Software Architect, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Warehouse Engineer, Full Stack Developers, Front End Developer, Research Scientist, and Product Manager. They are expected to have some fluency in at least one programming language and one tool. You need to be an expert of Hive, AWS, BigQuery, Scala, Java, Azure, Spark, or Hadoop. Python and R are the most popular languages in this regard. Python is an open-source language which has turned into the most demanded language for data science. It is used as a beginner-friendly language across the countries. It is ideal for most of the tools used by data scientists. However, the R language is not far behind. Widely popular among the statisticians, it was earlier known as the primary language.


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