Enhance the way you manage your business with Project management training and certifications


Companies are placing a lot of importance on Projects, of late. From building a website to building skyscrapers, project management is used. Projects are generally carried out by teams that are skilled in a particular area and are designed to carry out specific tasks. A project manager is the crux of a project and leads and motivates the team. Thus a project manager has to be well versed with all concepts and practices related to project management to run a project optimally to deliver best output. For the same, many project managers opt for project management training and certification program which equips and broadens their knowledge on project management.

The leader in providing Project management courses is PMI (Project Management Institute-USA), which offers certified training in PMP(Project Management Professional)that aims at providing individuals with experience, knowledge and competency to initiate and lead projects.

The certification however has a minimum requirement of 35 hours of Project management education and 4,500 hours of experience in leading and managing projects along with a degree or its equivalent. Anyone interested in pursuing this as a career option will be required to fit the minimum requirements. From an engineer to a project manager who wants better prospects in his/her career in terms of salary or promotions PMP is an extremely reputable course and can provide with a lot of recognition.

Project Management Institutes A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge® (PMBOK® Guide), provides PMP aspirants an international standard to practice their management skills and deliver results.

Why is PMP certification important?

1.    Greater market value: The project management courses especially a prestigious one like PMP have high market value and instantly boosts your value and out you under high salary bracket.

2.    The requirement for skilled PMI certified project managers has risen steadily as more and more employers prefer handing their projects to trustworthy reliable and efficient managers.

3.    Ability to confidently take charge of a team and contribute in the project performance.

PMP training & certification is a framework which has 5 major work groups namely, Project initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, and Closing. The PMBOK specifies inter dependence of these aspects of the project to attain a deliverable.Implementing Project Management in a company can not only give an organization an edge over its competitors in the market but also drive the organization’s growthrapidly.

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