Enhancing Career Prospects with Embedded System Designing

Embedded as the name suggests is software which is integrated into computer hardware for an application functioning. The software which is embedded usually has a specific function and can be an independent system or a part of a large system. They contain microprocessors or microcontrollers as hardwares, which forms the heart of the embedded system. PIC® and 8051 are examples of microcontrollers which are currently popular.

8051 Microcontroller Training and PIC microcontroller training helps students and beginners understand the basics of microcontrollers. Knowledge on microprocessors is a must for any engineer looking to be an embedded system designer. Microprocessors or Microcontrollers are generally semiconductor chips which are a part of a computer. It consists of ROM or RAM for a memory unit, accompanied with CPU and input and output peripherals.

Usage of Embedded Systems:

Embedded systems can be found in the smallest of devices to the largest applications.  From a car remote to the car itself, they find use in everything technical. The enormous range of its application makes this a lucrative field to be in.


Moore’s Law:

Gordon E. Moore, Co-founder of Intel observed a trend in the history and growth of integrated circuits. According to him, the number of transistors embedded on a single circuit doubles in number with every two years.

Moore’s law thus forms a basis of new innovations in the field of embedded systems, for example: more RTL (Register-Level Transfer) blocks on a chip.


Embedded system training is one with great returns:

Being a designer in embedded programs is not the same as designing computer programs. It is more challenging and complicated than that. The codes require proper functionality and must fulfill the needs to working on the allocated time, speed and consume only the allocated memory and power.

An embedded system hardware engineer must be have a knowledge and understanding of high level programming languages especially the C language, RTOS (Real-time operating system), and many other programming tools. Embedded system design training helps understand the difficulties and challenges faced by a designer by providing a real time experience of the industry. A student will learn to overcome the constraints faced in system designing, like available memory, processor speed, manufacturing costs and designing costs etc. Embedded systems certification India, increases the scope of employment in this industry, which is growing at a rapid pace and can simultaneously guarantee your growth.




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